EDITORIAL – McLeod holds government’s feet to the fire on Anbang Insurance question

MP Cathy McLeod speaks in the House.

An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

THE MARK, or one of them, of a good elected representative is how well he or she works at the constituency level. They tend to make headlines for major issues and controversies, but meanwhile are quietly working behind the scenes to help constituents with various concerns.

That requires dedication by the politician and local office staff, including responsiveness, discretion and persistence. They work on hundreds of files at a time, managing them through the system and doing their best to get answers and resolve problems.

Every once in a while, a local, personal issue turns into a federal case. Such it is with the sale of a majority share of Retirement Concepts to a subsidiary of Anbang Insurance Group of China. The sale has raised the hackles of many, including local seniors who have been besieging MP Cathy McLeod’s office, imploring her to find out what’s going on. They want to know who the new owners are and whether it will affect their lives.

McLeod has been taking their case right to the floor of the House of Commons since the sale was announced, badgering the Liberal government for answers. Other members of the Conservative caucus have been doing likewise, but McLeod has been particularly persistent, refusing to let Navdeep Bains, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, off the hook.

McLeod is a very good Parliamentary orator, well-backgrounded and articulate. She has asked Bains over and over again to explain the sale and its consequences.

Bains, for his part, has provided virtually no explanation other than to insist many times that the sale is good for seniors, good for the economy, and good for Canada, and followed all the rules.

As is often said, Question Period is called Question Period for a reason. If governments actually provided direct answers, it might be called Answer Period. McLeod and the Tories, therefore, have their work cut out getting factual details from Bains or the Liberals.

Nevertheless, they’re holding the government’s feet to the fire on an issue that’s very important to Kamloops seniors, to seniors across B.C., to the economy and to Canada — to borrow from Bains’ repetitive and evasive responses.

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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – McLeod holds government’s feet to the fire on Anbang Insurance question

  1. This is not just a British Columbia purchase. Also Retirement Concepts in Alberta and Montreal!!!
    Kudos to Cathy for her input and hopefully results to follow.

  2. This is what happens when a riding stubbornly votes for the status quo; you end up with a representative who is not even able to be part of the shadow cabinet on the other side of the aisle, bleating around the bush on electoral reform instead of supporting it, or in this case one private company selling shares to another private company and assuming that the sky is continuing to fall.
    Exactly how is the federal government supposed to stop a private sale of shares? Cathy? Just sit down.

  3. Cynthia Ross Friedman // March 10, 2017 at 6:47 AM // Reply

    Gotta say…Cathy McLeod has been a great MP this time around. Too bad she is with the wrong party. 😉

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