McQUARRIE – Buying their way back into our hearts and minds

Terry Lake and Todd Stone announcing approval of RIH patient-care tower. (Mel Rothenburger photo)

OKAY EVERYONE, I take a short break from this column, leave you alone with the province for just a few weeks and what do you do while I’m not looking?

You let the pre-election silly season start without me, is what you do.

It’s that special time of the year where MLAs, who have ignored us for four years, try to buy their way back into our hearts and minds with broad smiles and big promises.

First off the mark was Terry Lake with his breathless announcement that the BC Liberals would be spending nearly $500 million dollars to expand Royal Inland Hospital.  A Terry Lake legacy moment if you will.


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4 Comments on McQUARRIE – Buying their way back into our hearts and minds

  1. Ken McClelland // March 7, 2017 at 3:17 PM // Reply

    Ignored us huh? That is barely worthy of a response, but reflective of life in a bubble of cynicism and sarcasm. Other than constant complaining about fiscal responsibility and repetition of the word “No”, we’ve heard very little from the NDP for almost 4 years, certainly nothing in the way of a constructive alternative based in realism, which they have had those four years to come up with, and still nothing. We’re all waiting with bated breath for the NDP platform with the election just 9 weeks away. I guess you can roll out “No” as the sole plank in the platform pretty easily, and without rushing, because that is their position on pretty much everything that would cause this province to continue to prosper. Except for “Yes” to higher taxes, higher debt, higher unemployment, you get the idea. The current government is far from perfect, but they know what a family-supporting job outside the Lower Mainland means, and what it looks like. The only change to the hospital in Kamloops that the NDP ever promised got built in Kelowna. Yes, it was a long time ago, but some memories last longer than 2 news cycles. The NDP health critic was critical of both the hospital tower announcement, and the timing of it. Apparently she suffers the same form of amnesia that affects many of her colleagues on the Opposition side of the house. Ditto for the highway announcement.

    • Dear Ken:
      Privilege abounds so is misery…be cautious when talking about reality.
      NDP notwithstanding, how many toys does a man need to find happiness…how many cubic inches does a man need to buy groceries?

  2. “It’s that special time of the year where MLAs, who have ignored us for four years, try to buy their way back into our hearts and minds with broad smiles and big promises.” (Paragraph 3 above) -Such a cynic…perhaps not the best dinner guest, as to deem the topic closed (or the presented political hopefully as soiled) before the topic is even open. Yikes: I _want_ democracy, not skepticism; the latter leads/leading to fatalism.

    • About all I can take from your comment is that you are a dyed in the wool Liberal supporter. Other than that, your comment was pretty much unintelligible.

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