YOU SAY – Canada’s identity has been sold out to capitalist globalization

Flags of NAFTA. (

Flags of NAFTA. (

Some early reaction to the Armchair Mayor’s column, ‘We’re becoming mere tenants in our own country.’



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2 Comments on YOU SAY – Canada’s identity has been sold out to capitalist globalization

  1. -Basketball can be fun if you speed up the game on your PVR and then watch the last, say, five or ten minutes on regular speed, if the game is close…If not, just take the game right through to the last shot a fairly high speed and watch them fly around the court, like they were on amphetamines, commonly known as speed. (Stoners call this a trip: Ie. Watching a sport on fast forward. “Dude did you see that guy blast down the court, dude?”)

    Secondly, they say (you know who ‘they’ are), the Americans coincidently had basketball up and running at the exact same time as we did in Canada, but they were using a square hoop and square ball, which didn’t work too well; next moment they saw our game and they were onto it like hot cakes to maple syrup. !
    -Er, ‘true story’…as far as stories go…Winnie the Pooh was Canadian too.

  2. It can be easily argued capitalist globalization has made life much more “posh” for the average Canadian. Let’s think of all the extra frivolities most people in this country surround themselves with…and for all of that the environment takes a beating.
    But let’s not bite the hand that feeds us…or should we?
    Can people on their own, make better choices?

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