EDITORIAL – Downtown core is just fine, except for the parking

200 block Victoria Street.

200 block Victoria Street.

An ArmchairMayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

“THE DOWNTOWN CORE in Kamloops is going to hell in a handbasket. All the businesses are moving out and nobody wants to shop there anymore.”

That’s what you’d think, the way some people have been talking the past week or so. A bakery moves to a different part of town and a restaurant lays off some staff and, woe is me, the downtown is dying.

Well, we’ve gone through this news cycle many times before.


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8 Comments on EDITORIAL – Downtown core is just fine, except for the parking

  1. R A George // March 5, 2017 at 10:47 PM // Reply

    Quit issuing commercial building permits on hilltop.Fire the present city planners,or promote them to the solid waste etc dept,s. Hire some new blood.Clearwater is suffering the same slow fate.

  2. Went downtown this afternoon (Saturday) — visited Landsdowne Mall – no shortage or parking. From there parked on corner of 5th and Victoria — lots of parking near Library — very few people on street — strangely enough, most businesses close at 3 or 4, Restaurants not busy, coffee shops not busy — no where busy, Plaza Restaurant closed. Downtown is slowly dying through no fault of parking or anything else – just a change of where people live and shop – other than London Drugs and Save-on there are no major retain outlets downtown — Kamloops has done little to encourage retail business downtown as well as provide housing downtown – nice to see a few new Condo projects but more is needed to revitalize downtown — I think quality housing/condo projects downtown near to hospital and other facilities would revitalize the downtown!!!!

  3. I never go down town anymore….too much spit on the street…. too many panhandlers…no place to park….

  4. I tend to avoid victoria street because of the parking situation, I hate the new meters, and find lack of close parking to anywhere I need to be, If I have to go down there I try and go after 6 pm. By then a lot of the businesses are closed.

  5. Me again. Sorry. I just heard 5 minutes ago that Value Villiages new location is up near Safeway,perhaps the Target building. After having thought about all this I think it,s time they were boycotted. They get all that stuff for nothing and charge too much for much of it. The folks that own it now sure know where the easy money is.I have pointed out to them on more than one occasion that some of their stuff is the same price at Wal-mart.The poorer people amongst us,and theres lots of them, do not live at the top of the hill.Value Villiage has become a 100% profit oriented outfit. Probably has been for quite some time.Too bad they have become greedy.

  6. Ever been down there at or just after closing time ? The crowd that appears then doesn’t exactly instill a sense of safety by any means.

  7. Thats all fine and dandy Mel,but where is Value Villiage,our main supply depot moving to.This is serious stuff.Penny Pinchers had a great spot but moved into the old car dealership building.Too many ups and downs., bum lighting and too many walls.Can,t spot the wife.At one time you could lose your VW bug in some of the potholes in the parking lot.We hardly go there anymore,even in our 4×4.If they move out to Valleyview,up the hill or over to the North Shore they should supply a shuttle service for the poor amongst an outfit that gets all that stuff donated and is selling it at what I think are too high a prices for much of it they can afford it.

  8. The downtown is certainly not dying but it could also be doing a whole lot better. As it stands, it is only slightly alive during regular business hours and mainly on two maybe three blocks of Victoria Street. It is also quite obvious you need to visit elsewhere to fully realize how much better it could be and for less money.
    Some of your writings are a disservice to the betterment of our community.

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