YOU SAY – Parking payment systems in Kamloops are all about the money

Hooded kiosks gave parkers a break.

Put a sock on parking, say consumers. (Armchair Mayor file photo)

Some Facebook comments about Monday’s ArmchairMayor editorial, “Is it too much to ask for a single parking payment system?”

Irene Anderson: Such a novel idea but it would require ‘common sense’ which seems to be a thing of the past in so many decisions.

Nel deWit Mitchell-Kloubek Sarrasin: We need to have at least one common sense person on Council. With all the changes in things, we obviously can’t find a single one. Perhaps we need a crystal ball at the pay station to tell us how long we will be there. God knows it could be hours.

Rocco Russo: After all these systems, you still can’t get it right.

Jill Field: A couple of questions to the IHA powers that be regarding the change up in parking: Have any of you actually sat in the Emergency Room with a critically ill family member? Have any of you been in the Delivery Room with a woman in labour? You obviously have expectations that those of us who use your fancy new (and apparently poorly designed) parkade can foresee the future, and in that spirit, may I suggest that you install a crystal ball beside each pay-in-advance kiosk for those of us who are sick rather than psychic.

Don Lee: It is all about the money.

Pam Daws: Great idea it’s different everywhere you go.

Andy Philpot: I’ve heard from many people who will not park in the private parking lots because they are so confusing, both on how to use the meters or it is reserved parking or what the hours are.

Bill Balyx: What a crock of ….. Just another money grab because the original system didn’t bring in enough revenue, now they will, like days gone by, get double payments for spaces because people will naturally over estimate their stay. Unreal, and why are they allowing a private company manage it? The money raised should all go to the hospital, let’s not go that it fills up already and you have to do the loop in this one too, not as often though…but. So what you had to wait a few minutes to get out

Laura Neville: Parking used to be a service for patrons to do their shopping etc and should be free, especially at the hospital,

Midge Stewart: I stay out of main street cos I don’t wanna figure out parking. So downtown Kammi you lose on customers here.


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3 Comments on YOU SAY – Parking payment systems in Kamloops are all about the money

  1. Lorraine Zimmer // December 14, 2016 at 7:27 AM // Reply

    Have not shopped downtown Kamloops since new meters came in .

  2. Mike Everatt // December 13, 2016 at 7:32 PM // Reply

    It wouldn’t be as bad if all the revenue from parking went to the IHA, but to have Impark collect the lions share is plain WRONG! This, of course, is why they are changing from “pay on exit” to “guess how long I’ll be there” — Impark will collect more from people over-estimating, and those lovely fines from people who underestimate. Oh yeah, you can add time by phone — I wonder how much they charge for THAT “service”? Disgusting!

  3. No parking fees at the malls around town, that’s where I shop, no reason to pay extra to shop downtown.
    Take a taxi when going to the hospital, the cost is not much different from paying the parking fee plus the cost to operate the car/truck.

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