COLLINS – Talk about being over the top with reaction to pipeline decisions

NOTHING LIKE a good environmental debate to get the juices flowing.

collins-colhedLast week, the federal government approved the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion. It has sparked debate that has become so polarized, it’s absolutely ludicrous.

Both sides of the debate have solid points, but they are so passionate, they often forget the realities of life, and the fact that nothing is perfect, and compromise is what democracy is all about.

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3 Comments on COLLINS – Talk about being over the top with reaction to pipeline decisions

  1. A few days ago, there was coverage on the news showing the “unbelievable” level of smog in Beijing. Were flights not cancelled because the pollution level in the air was so high?
    Yet, there seems to be the attitude that the problem is “over there”.
    The prevailing winds and jet stream carry particulate matter “over here” and around the world.
    We are only one of the suppliers of oil to this giant Eastern market and our hands can be kept fairly clean because of the geography of it all.

    In the 70’s, fears were raised about running out of fossil fuels one day. Perhaps the best course of action to take is to burn as much fossil fuel as quickly as we possibly can and indeed, reach that point where oil becomes as precious as water. Wouldn’t that make for the basis of a global conflict?
    Only then will we see the folly of not addressing man’s destruction of our tiny blue planet.

  2. tony brumell // December 6, 2016 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    450 ppm of CO2 is not compromise it’s potentially faitle

  3. You sure prepare well for your diatribes Mr. Collins…what part of the environmental debate have you missed? The devastation of the boreal forest or the environmental consequences of fossil fuel burning?
    It is not an unreasonable point to leave it where it was for eons and invest the large sums to forward the alternatives.
    But if one must compromise then let’s follow Norway’s path.
    That is much more reasonable in my opinion than all the pretentious nonsense from the “business community”.
    Passion is part of a strong belief system, the “realities of life” as you call them, are reflective of that. No one needs a “dually” to ferry an overfed arse to the local excessively large warehouse to buy more than needed and unhealthy junk…and that is yet another ugly reality of the fossil fuel debate with a reasonable answer…eat locally produced organic food.

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