PETERS – National interest, not Lower Mainland, behind pipeline approval

THE NEB, like the entire federal government, should make decisions that are in the interests of the country as a whole.

peters-colhedBecause energy projects are deemed to be in the national interest, they are the jurisdiction of Ottawa, not the individual provinces.

And that’s how you come to this week’s decision on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, a project that is expected to deliver financial benefits to the country as a whole, even if the people of the Lower Mainland feel they’ve been thrown under the bus.

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4 Comments on PETERS – National interest, not Lower Mainland, behind pipeline approval

  1. The elephant in the room is climate change. There is no way that allowing us to continue our dependence on fossil fuels for jobs or transportation is going to solve these problems. I disagree that the pipelines are in the “national interest” – that is very short term thinking. No one builds a pipeline to last for 5 years – they will want to use it for many years to come and that simply is not sustainable.

    I wish the 1.5 billion dollars that Trudeau has promised to safeguard the coast (a huge subsidy to the oil and gas industry) was instead being offered to subsidize technology to help to get us off fossil fuels. The same logic could have been applied to Site C – imagine what else we could be doing with even half of the 9 billion dollars that will be spent there.

    Our kids are already in a situation where they are deciding not to have children due to the likely outcomes of climate change – I don’t think these decisions will do anything to reassure them. Shipping heavy oil to China so it can be refined with a greater environmental impact (to make it “economic”) is completely stupid – but no politicians in Canada save the Green Party are willing to say so.

  2. tony brumell // December 3, 2016 at 1:12 PM // Reply

    Trudeau the lesser promised in several different news articles not to approve K.M. until the new environmental assessment rules /laws were in place.We have just participted in the EA review hearings(hearings that had zero/nada ,no interest or participation from any media in Kamloops.Not even you James.) Many of the submissions put to the EA review panel indicated that much greater care is needed before projects such as KM or N0.Three are allowed.
    For the country to pass such a corporate agenda because they deem it good for the country and goes against the wishes of such a large number of Canadian citizens in the west is not acceptable.To speed up the process because He is afraid of any new EA laws that might come about in this EA review is reprehensible and panders to Industry.The carbon footprint from the downstream side of the pipeline will have long lasting possibly trajic consequences.Mr T should back track and wait for the new EA system to be put in place.That’s what it was supposed to do.

  3. I would be more willing to accept this decision if Trudeau had stuck to his earlier commitment to redo the review process. Everyone knows the NEB process was “inadequate” (to state it politely); Trudeau acknowledged this and promised a proper science-based redo. Since this didn’t happen, there is no acceptable scientific data that supports this decision. THAT’S the problem. Also, the simple fact that this pipeline will help our emissions grow and make it impossible to meet even the modest, Harper-era national GHG reduction targets that Trudeau has kept is never mentioned. You can’t have both new pipelines and reduce emissions: why Trudeau is given a pass on this inconsistency by the media (including this one) is unfathomable.

  4. If truly the “national interest” is invoked, then the Norway example should be followed.
    Tell the truth, James…do not confuse “corporate interests” with “national interests”, they are not the same nor run parallel.

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