EDITORIAL – Pipeline decision is imperfect, but let’s get on with it

(Kinder Morgan photo)

(Kinder Morgan photo)

THE PIPELINE DECISION is so typically Canadian, isn’t it?

melcolhed-sep2016Enbridge’s Northern Gateway is a no go and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain twinning gets the green light.

It only looks as though the baby is being cut in half, of course, because the prime minister assures us the decisions were based on science, not politics.

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  1. Given the Paris agreement, I’m now wondering how this all ‘calculates’ for Canada. This may sound like a naive question but I’m wondering now how carbon emissions are measured. Is it the country that ‘sends’ the oil or the country that ‘burns’ it that gets emissions added to their score?? If we’re not getting the emissions added to Canada, is that why we’re so anxious to produce it? In the long run I realize it’s just a game of semantics when you look at the overall picture. Perhaps one of your readers is better informed.

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