Stop Canada Post cuts, urges union

NEWS/ CITY HALL — Canada Post should talk to the public before it goes ahead with cutting more services, says the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and it wants Kamloops City council’s support.

Canada PostNational CUPW president Denis Lemelin says in a letter to Mayor Peter Milobar that changes to postal service will be bad for seniors, people with mobility issues, charities and businesses.

Canada Post has hiked postage rates and is phasing out door-to-door delivery in favour of community mailboxes.

“The Canadian Union of Postal Workers wants the federal government to reverse the Canada Post plan, and to look instead for ways to increase service and revenues in areas like postal banking, as other postal administrations have done,” writes Lemelin.

“At the very least,” the post office should consult with the public, he says.

A resolution proposed by the union would see City council write the federal government calling on it to reverse the changes to services announced by Canada Post, and ask the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to request that the government consult.

Lemilen says more than 400 municipalities and organizations have passed resolutions opposing the cuts.

The letter will be considered by council Tuesday. Some Kamloops City councillors have expressed misgivings in the past about the changes.

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4 Comments on Stop Canada Post cuts, urges union

  1. Neighborhood boxes aside, here is another problem that CP must address, and that is the ridiculous cost of mailing parcels, and letters. With all of the cuts they are making to save money, the cost should be going down, not sky rocketing like it is.

  2. Barbara Zimonick // February 2, 2015 at 3:41 AM // Reply

    While council considers the switch to community mailboxes let them also be aware of the numerous incidents of theft from community boxes in the rural areas.

    • Mel Rothenburger // February 2, 2015 at 11:51 AM // Reply

      This is definitely a serious issue and not an easy one to resolve. As noted in previous posts here and on, police and Canada Post have growing files of incidents involved break-ins and thefts at community mailboxes. Canada Post is trying out stronger locks on new community mailbox installations in an effort to stymie the thieves.

  3. The vulnerability of the community Mail boxes needs to be remedied. For the fourth time in recent months, our boxes at Knutsford have been vandalized and robbed. Phasing out home delivery and adding more community boxes in their present design will just provide more opportunities for certain thieves.

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