The downtown core in four years

NEWS/ CIVIC ELECTION 2014 — The Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association asked Kamloops municipal election candidates some questions about downtown Kamloops. Here’s the answer to the first question. The full question-and-answer text is online here.

Question – How do you envision Downtown in four years?

(City of Kamloops)

Downtown. (City of Kamloops photo)

Donovan Cavers – Continues to be perceived by both Kamloopsians and tourists as THE place to be in Kamloops.

Ken Christian – Vibrant, safe, busy and business friendly.

Nelly Dever – In four years, I envision the Kamloops Daily News building occupied by a partner, Stuart Wood building vibrant and thriving , Seymour Street beautified, BCLC building enhanced, a welcoming first impression at the west end (removal of existing building, new building, people friendly green space), a significant decrease in rental stock and fewer homeless people.

Bob Dieno – Would like to see more urban densification in the downtown core.. This will bring more people and business to the downtown area. Would like to see a new arts center in the Downtown core as this fits with densification.

Dieter Dudy – If things stay the way they are I don’t envision a whole lot of change…I do however feel that a few steps in the right direction can create opportunity and prosperity to the downtown core. Downtown needs to become a destination point…not a service point. Most people currently come downtown to do their banking, address their medical or legal needs and possibly stop for coffee and lunch. With proper tweaking I envision a vibrant, economically driven core, with a variety of shops, entertainment, eateries and more. I’d love to elaborate.

Pierre Filisetti (Mayoral) – Maybe a little less “fanfare” on the one section of Lorne Street called the “Gaglardi Way” and a little more “fanfare” on Victoria Street from First to (at least) Sixth Avenue. I would love to consult with the downtown retail businesses and experiment with closing Victoria Street to vehicular traffic at certain times/dates. On the same theme, I would like feed-back on making Seymour Street a two-way street. And more beautiful, well cared for trees.

Annette Glover – I have a lot of respect for ‘downtown’ right now and enjoy shopping, evening dining and shopping or business ventures. I fully expect that everyone’s efforts to continue growing the culture of downtown will only make it more vibrant and utilized by our citizens and visitors. Supporting this vision is the new hotel capacity and variety of services, potential of a parkade and everyone’s continued efforts to improve on what we have already such as parking meters, safety and security coverage, increased handicap parking and ‘free transit’ days.

Jenny Green – I envision more mixed use developments especially in existing commercial buildings and a range of housing types to encourage young families to live downtown.

Ben James (Mayoral) – Expanded, upgraded, focused — if done right. Otherwise, vestigial and redundant — if new opportunities and visions are not considered or enacted. The status quo, as I see it, favours the big box stores dotted around town. (Which are important, in their own ways.) But it’s the downtown core – and North Shore – that forms the backbone of local culture, and gives Kamloops its image. Done right, these areas of the community would serve as vital meeting-points for citizens and visitors, alike.

Peter Kerek – I would like to see vendors have more freedom to utilize the sidewalk space in front of their businesses, especially for restaurants and drinking establishments so that we could create a more robust entertainment atmosphere and hopefully keep more venues open later into the evening. We could also help support this by offering limited overnight bus service and making that service free.

Peter Milobar (Mayoral) – I envision Downtown to see a performing arts center with an attached parkade and the development of a TRU campus at the Stuart Wood location. Both projects would help to drive an increased demand for apartment/condo style development.

Andy Philpot – I envision a vibrant downtown city center that has seen a continued slow growth and development with an infilling of residential units in the area.

Alexandra Proctor – I see better snow removal and sidewalks to keep our residents safe, more parking downtown to facilitate growth, a interim senior’s recreation center at McArthur Park and longer transit hours to help youth, university students and seniors call Kamloops home. My focus is on consistent maintenance of our existing structures and services to help facilitate growth of our current businesses, university and industries rather than continuously courting new ones.

Arjun Singh – I envision Downtown Kamloops in four years as a vibrant, safe showpiece of our community. I envision downtown as a wonderful, easy to access, place to do business, to visit, and to work. In many ways, I think we already have much of this. And we should continue to build on our amazing strengths. I am open to your suggestions on all issues you have raised in this survey.

Bernadette Siracky – I see downtown Kamloops continuing on its path to shining as the heart of our City. I see people living in the downtown core – walking, eating, biking, running. Enjoying. I see music and laughter and new/unique stores and restaurants. People making downtown a destination in and of itself. Kamloopsians making the stop to enjoy supper before a concert, trade show or hockey game and walking to Rivers path with a coffee in hand. I see thriving businesses, restaurants and coffee shops and no empty storefronts to be seen.

Pat Wallace – Thriving, with more densification, empty retail and office spaces full, lanes being more personable and friendly, and Hotel 540 having new facilities replacing the casino with exciting opportunities. Lots of customers buying food, clothes, and doing all kinds of business at Banks, Credit Unions and Health & Beauty Facilities–same as I do!

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  1. Wonder why all the candidates weren’t questioned, or didn’t respond?

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