Dear Answer Man: What are all those big pipes on road from Domtar to the landfill?

That's some serious pipe.

That’s some serious pipe.

Dear Answer Man,

What is the purpose of the large pipeline that Domtar is building along the road to the landfill?  We drove to the landfill last weekend and found the road to be in quite a mess.  The landfill staff don’t know what the purpose of the project is either, but they apparently do have to field a lot of questions about it.  Just wondering…


Dear Bev,

A very good question — that is an impressive snake of pipe running all the way from Domtar’s front gate out almost to the City’s maintenance building on the far end of the sewage lagoons.

I decided to ask Bonnie Skene, a longtime acquaintance from my newspaper days who is Domtar’s regional public affairs manager working out of Dryden, Ont. She handles Domtar’s PR in Kamloops. Bonnie got back to me very quickly, saying the work is being done by the City, which has permission to store some of its equipment on Domtar property.

Question markCould it have to do with the City’s work on the new wastewater sewage system that has, coincidentally, been causing all the stink lately as the switch is made from the old system? So, I asked utility services supervisor Dave Teasedale, who’s working on the City’s new system.

No, he said, it is coincidental that the pipe is being installed at the same time as the old system is being switched to the new. He directed me to Greg Cave, City utility services supervisor of construction. Greg explained that the pipes are part of an upgrade that will provide a force main instead of just a gravity fed main. It serves the South Shore’s needs and the system will be gravity fed up to where it joins the new pipe at the mill, then the new force main takes over.

In other words, the stuff that goes through the pipe will be forced through it by a pump system that moves it much faster and, therefore, can handle a much bigger volume. The old main is halfway through its lifespan so it has a few good years left but the new pipe provides insurance long into the future.

The 36-inch pipe is quite interesting. Because it’s made of polyethylene, it’s somewhat flexible and can be fused on the surface and then lowered into the ditch as it’s being dug, instead of having to be dropped in piece by piece and joined in place.

This type of pipe has been around for awhile but not very much of it has been used in Kamloops, though it’s good for both water and sewage.

Construction started in mid-February and has a ways to go yet.


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2 Comments on Dear Answer Man: What are all those big pipes on road from Domtar to the landfill?

  1. Pierce graham // June 22, 2014 at 8:11 AM // Reply

    why do you , and other writers and speakers say “…a ways to go…” Instead of “…a way.”

    • Mel Rothenburger // June 22, 2014 at 5:16 PM // Reply

      Near as I can figure, common usage. Googling it brings up the explanation that it’s common in North America but not in the U.K. One English-grammar site says it is “often used as an equivalent of ‘way’ in phrases as as ‘a long ways to go.’ The usage is acceptable but is usually considered informal.” Another says it’s akin to saying “anyways” instead of “anyway,” which, I must admit, is quite annoying.

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