Tips come in starting the David Brown

Sometimes I’m surprised at what type of subject matter draws the most reaction. I got a lot of comment on the street about the David Brown column. “Didja ever get that tractor started?” people have been saying to me on the street. I just have to share the following from an email regular, Bob George of Barriere. . . .

Melvin {yne} ? ;
    Compliments of the season.Enjoyed your little rendition on Dave Brown and your portrayal of winter whimps. Many of the younger set have only heard faint rumours about Dave. Back in ,61,at the begining of my over 30 years as a seafaring man, I hauled a perfectly good 4 cylinder Lycoming gas engine, in itself not too common at the time, complete with a Joes clutch,which made a hell of a noise in reverse,out of our 40 ft ketch. It was, to be exact, 36 ft, 8 and 1/4 inches on deck but, with sprit and boomkin, well over 40 ft, hence the exaggeration. Sailors, like fishermen and cowboys, tend to bullshit a little. A David Brown marine engine,a tractor engine with a marine gearbox and watercooled exhaust manifold  was our first choice, but there wasn’t enough drop in the reduction gear to clear the hull and line up with the existing propellor shaft, so we installed a 52 hp BMC diesel, an engine very similar to Dave. It never missed a beat in all the many years I ran it and it’s still where I placed it.

Back to tractors. We have 6 old tractors, 4 of which run and two for parts, 2 Massy 135s, an ancient Universal 651, an old Massey Harris gas job and a Massey and a Universal for parts, the latter getting tough to find parts for. It’s an ugly beast, manufactured in Romania and nessesary to run the round baler, as a 135, which will do everything else, doesn’t have the snoose to do the job. I know every inch of the damned thing, believe me. I’ve cursed it mightily many times. Carol, my extremely patient wife, counsellor and advisor thinks it’s kind of cute and after observing my 16 years of often very close intimacy with Cuechescos revenge, feels that like one of the 135’s, that has been in the family for almost 50 years ,is also family. God, would I like a brand new JD with a cab, 4 wheel drive, GPS and quadrifonic sound, but I’m too cheap, too old, (I’m gonna quit all this nonsense soon anyway I keep promising my counsellor} and you have to mortgage the farm to pay for one.

So to your problem of hard starting. Plug it in, put an electric car warmer with fan close to the injector pump, surround the engine with fitted cardboard, and of course be sure you have a decent battery aboard. Give it a light shot of ether as you’re turning it over and by golly I bet it will start just like nothin, as they say. Mine do, and they’re all similar to me, plumb wore out.

— Robt. A George  The A is for Archibald,after my highland Grandad, David Lloyd as far as I know is not related.

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