LETTER – Bill 36 is an outrageous attack on fundamental rights and freedoms

Health Minister Adrian Dix.

A letter I sent this morning to the Premier and Health Minister.

Good Morning

First let me say that I have been a lifelong supporter of the NDP. I was a delegate to provincial council twice, worked on every winning campaign in our riding and was on the executive for years.

So it is with sadness and outrage I feel I must write to you regarding the latest version of Draconian, over the top reaction to a incredibly benign virus. After 2 years of destroying peoples lives with no scientific evidence to support it you have now decided to enshrine in law your absolute power to tell us what “Science” is acceptable and which is not.

Removing the right of doctors to decide for their patients the appropriate treatment under penalty of losing their licence is hardly a progressive idea. It is in fact the thin edge of facism and authoritarianism.

You have done so much damage to the people of this province with your mandates and restrictions for over 2 years and to what result? Kids missed a year or more of school and were told they were biohazards, many people with small businesses saw their life savings and investment destroyed, older folks in care homes were denied visits from loved ones and even after death funerals were banned, playgrounds were closed, etc. etc.

And now we are experiencing the financial consequences of these insane policies. There were voices begging for an alternative reaction but not only did you ignore them you actively censored and threatened anyone who had a different view. And now you want to carry on as if nothing happened.

I can’t imagine doctors being happy with you deciding what they MUST say or do but after 2 years of complete surrender I guess you felt it was a good bet that they would be too scared to speak up.

You continue to run ads telling people the so called vaccines are safe and effective when all the evidence from around the world shows that to be patently false.

You actually are encouraging parents to give these experimental drugs to their small children with absolutely no idea what the long term effects may be. You ignore the data on excess deaths even when it appears to many experts to be a direct result of these inoculations.

Perhaps you might want to consider the fact that half of us in B.C. do not have a family doctor and have to wait for hours in overcrowded ER’s or non existent clinics for medical treatment, but that doesn’t even seem to be of any concern to you at all.

I can no longer in good conscience support you or your party and will not do so ever again. I am encouraging everyone of my peers to take the same action especially if this insane bill is passed.

Bill 36 is an outrageous attack on fundamental rights and freedoms I thought the NDP was always protective of but the WOKE has fatally infected you.


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6 Comments on LETTER – Bill 36 is an outrageous attack on fundamental rights and freedoms

  1. Simon wagstaff // November 28, 2022 at 8:30 AM // Reply

    Bill 36 has passed 3rd reading and received Royal Assent and is now law. It is extraordinarily long and complex. Notwithstanding that the BC government severely restricted consideration of the Bill in committee and invoked closure in the Legislature debate and ramrodded it through to become law… in less than a month. Nothing to see here citizen, move along.

    A cursory search of mainstream BC news outlets seems to show the Bill received very limited to no coverage.

    It is a fundamental betrayal of nearly every right most people assume to be the pinnacle of what being free actually means. It is Lysenkoism writ large, now law, applied to the practice of the healing arts.

    As written, the law removes the rights of both health practitioners and their patients to offer or seek the treatments they desire and instead mandates “one size fits all” as mandated by a board appointed by the government.

    As a former journalist and health lobbyist I can’t say I’m surprised. I am disgusted though. No right is more fundamental to individuals than the right to determine what medical treatment they consent to. No right is more fundamental to practitioners than the right exercise their judgment for treatment options. Both are stripped in Bill 36.

    This is not a partisan political issue. It is a kick in the groin to everyone who values personal freedom and bodily autonomy. It is the first instalment of “a boot on your face… forever”, to quote Orwell.

    Now that law is real and in force it can and should be immediately challenged in a court of law with an application for an injunction for constitutional review, and it’s authors and supporters exposed as the tyrants and fools they so obviously are.


    Simon Wagstaff (nom de guerre )

  2. I’m not sure what he is going on about. Is he an anti Vaxxer?

  3. most people in B.C. were vaccinated both for flu and covid, if people had been allowed to run around willy nilly, not mask open facilities and schools to non masking the province would have been closed down due to illness, schools would have had to close and I hate to think of what would have happened to hospitals. How can someone be so clueless, people have a right to be kept healthy and not have crazy ideas pushed down our throats.

  4. What’s Bill 36?
    And really, what are the health care providers say about it? Average folks throwing up their hands is not enough!

  5. I lasted 2 paragraphs as an interested reader,
    … the rest was about watching the slow motion train wreck.

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