LETTER – Getting a pass for staff parkade at Royal Inland isn’t easy

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

Good day Mr. Rothenburger,

I don’t write in to the newspaper, but I wanted to share support for the nurse who got a ticket for parking in the Parkade at RIH recently.

Your article was excellent in delivery, and shame on RIH for responding through deflection.

I’ve been a nurse at RIH for over 14 years and I have yet to receive a parking pass for the RIH staff parkade. The wait lists are long and twice my name was lost in waiting, so I had to reapply and I have yet the ability get a pass.

In the meantime, they expect staff to park offsite in designated areas that are not always safe (i.e. Peterson Creek). I refuse to park in unsafe areas. Over the years, I have found a few spots around town to park my car, which I rotate depending on weather (i.e. Clarke street off 1st avenue, 7th street and sometimes Greenstone is Sahali during summer months).  I live in Raleigh, so bus service doesn’t start until 7 a.m. and takes one hour with transfer to get to work, so it’s impossible to make my 7:30 shift start.

Occasionally I will park in the public parkade at RIH, especially when weather is bad or I’m running late. I’m happy to pay the daily rate for those situations.

Last week, I also received a blue ticket. What made me angry was the option to pay was removed. Free for public but ticket for staff.

What also made me angry was the fact that somehow Imperial Parking knows I’m a RIH employee. I have never registered my vehicle with RIH or Imperial Parking, nor have I ever phoned Imperial Parking to share that I’m a nurse. I’ve never received a ticket or paid for a ticket issued by their company, either.

So, somehow Imperial Parking is gaining access to my private information? This is concerning. Moreover, what if I was going to the onsite gym – to work out – or what if I was going for an appointment? How do they know if I’m parking for work or public business?  The ticket I received last week was within 20 minutes of arrival. I was not in uniform. In fact, my new nursing position is actually at Overlander LTC home, I was at RIH for meetings that day.

Just my two cents.


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