EDITORIAL – Have the Greens really made any difference to B.C. politics?


An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

IT’S BEEN A YEAR since the NDP and Greens teamed up to take power away from the BC Liberals and, to hear the Greens tell it, the past 12 months have been nothing short of fabulous.

The party held its annual convention in Kamloops over the weekend with what appears to much confidence about building momentum.

But let’s ponder the past year and ask ourselves an important question — have the Greens really made any positive difference to the politics of the province?

Because if the events of 2017-2018 are any indication, I’m thinking the old two-party system might be worth another go.

What have the Greens accomplished, really, with their three-member presence in the Legislature?

There was a pause in Site C, but only a pause. There’s growth in the minimum wage, painfully slow improvement in the doctor shortage, legislation banning corporate and union donations from election campaigns, and not much improvement in the fentanyl crisis or the housing shortage.

It’s also questionable whether the NDP would have done things much differently on any of those files if it hadn’t made that deal with the Greens a year ago.

The one thing that is very likely different with the Greens in the picture is the Trans Mountain pipeline debacle. I have a feeling that, on their own, the NDP would have found a way to retire from the field by now with at least a semblance of honour.

Am I saying the BC Greens are at least indirectly to blame for us taxpayers having to shell out $4.5 billion to buy Trans Mountain and likely much more by the time the expansion gets built, if it gets built?

Well, when it comes to pointing fingers, that’s as good a theory as any.

The big question over the next short while is going to be not whether the NDP-Green alliance can last, but how long before it starts falling apart. And LNG might just be the straw.

So, I ask again — how is B.C. better off with the Greens in the picture?

I’m Mel Rothenburger, the Armchair Mayor.

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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – Have the Greens really made any difference to B.C. politics?

  1. The entire pseudo-environmental movement, including the Greens, Greenpeace, et al, is a sham. While some minions might be trying to save the planet (what an grandiose illusion that is — go plug a volcano), the real die-hards and honchos aren’t interested in protecting the environment.
    There are numerous things they could do if that was their agenda. (For example, protest Saudi Arabian oil tankers docking in the Maritimes every day. But they never say a word about that.) The eco-fakes devolved (if they were ever better) into frustrated, left-over Marxists who just want to destroy any hint of capitalism’s success.
    Scratch any virtue-signaling environmentalist and you’ll find a Marxist. They don’t like to admit it but their policies are right in line with good ol’ Karl, instigator and enabler of pandemic genocides. But it’s worth it, because “Mother Earth.”
    Gag me with a spoon not made of plastic, metal or a precious tree.

  2. Nice thought-provoking scribble. To tell you the truth, I still am quite enthused about Andrew the leader but that is as far as enthusiasm goes…to tell another truth I am now generally more cynical than ever before…the Greens have contributed to that.

    • Grouchy 1 // June 8, 2018 at 8:14 AM // Reply

      Wow Pierre. Weaver is almost a bigger fake than Clark was. He just hides it a little better.

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