FORSETH – Good news! There is finally room for a Conservative party in B.C.

Dianne Watts during BC Liberal leadership debate. (Image: Facebook)

OR I GUESS I could have titled this commentary after the Little Texas song, “It’s Time To Be Loud and Proud.”

Some might say (and indeed have done so) that it’s, “Time to recruit Dianne Watts as the leader of the BC Conservatives.”  Well, for starters, she probably isn’t interested, but if she was I’d say, “Please … NO … the party does NOT need some one else’s hand-me-down!”

Many would say that she has true conservative bona-fides, but then if that’s the case, why is she a BC Liberal?   She ran as a BC Liberal leadership candidate. … she lost as a BC LIBERAL leadership candidate … and BC Conservatives should not even think of considering her.

I say that not simply because of what just happened on Saturday evening, on the fifth and final round of voting for the BC Liberal leadership, but rather, because of what happened six years ago.

In 2011, the BC Conservative Party was looking for individuals to consider filling the role of leader, and for there to be a leadership race.  Former federal MP John Cummins was eventually named leader by acclamation, however another name (among others) was also floated at the time — that of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts.

She declined.

I certainly don’t want her to now consider us because she has no other choice. She made her bed in a very public way as a BC Liberal, so let her sleep in it.

And here, likely, is the best reason why this discussion is a waste of time anyway.  Dianne Watts indicated, win, lose or draw, she would be seeking a seat as an MLA for the BC Liberal Party.

She has hitched her wagon to the BC Liberal party, which by its very name and ties, is closely affiliated with Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada.  New leader Andrew Wilkinson is cut of the same cloth as federal Liberals.

And it’s not just me saying it.  These are but a handful of responses, and comments, on my social media feeds; all echoing pretty much the same thing.

Ray Power:
Sounds like the Ignatieff the federal Liberals elected (in 2008). We all know how well that worked

(Wishes to remain) Anonymous:

Good news! There is finally room for a Conservative party in BC.  So easy to define Wilkinson as a bureaucrats’ bureaucrat, Mr. Big government, elitist know-it-all and completely un-relatable.

Wayne Marklund:
I must admit that I worked on the Dianne Watts campaign, and saw a strong group of dedicated folks that believed she could be the change needed for the center right.

I am amazed how federal Conservatives continue to support the BC Liberals after watching Falcon lose to Clark in the previous leadership race.  “A true believer” is the term used by federal Liberals, and now (with) Wilkinson another true believer (like Clark), wins.

I think its time to wake up and smell the coffee!

Alan Quatermain:
The truth is half their line up was made up of old hats like watts and that stooge stone and a few others. You want new blood bring in new people …

Sean Smith:
Listening to him (Andrew Wilkinson), after the Provincial Election, spinning the Liberals “win” and going on about how great the party is and how great their leader was……was nauseating. Even now, listening to him talk about the ICBC debacle as being the NDP’s fault and problem. Another leader disconnected from the reality of the BC his party created and not prepared for the province that the NDP is about to mess with…..

Let’s finally call it like it is … a Liberal is a Liberal is a Liberal (as my friend Loren Maluorno said).  Argue with me all you want but a conservative cannot be a liberal, nor can a liberal be a conservative.  Round pegs, do not fit in square holes.

It’s time for small ‘c’ conservatives to be, as Little Texas sang, “Loud and Proud”

I’ll rise to any occasion, I am not afraid
To be loud and proud, and givin’ in to nothin’

Livin’ and a lovin’, I’ll never get enough

And all the ups and downs, I take ’em as they come
And I’ll be right here standing my ground
… Loud and Proud

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.  Got a comment to make?  This is your chance to share it now.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada and the B.C. Reform Party, and a past and current member of the BC Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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1 Comment on FORSETH – Good news! There is finally room for a Conservative party in B.C.

  1. The Libs are the conservative party. Wilkinson’s comment about getting back to christie’s values should be enough to drive the libs right out of the legislature after the next election but I doubt that will happen. The mess that she made in government; icbc, site c,the education system, Anyone can be loud and proud, as if that is what we need!! That is like someone saying they supported another candidate because he is witty. Where is integrity, transparency and accountability. If icbc was a shareholder co the shareholders would probably be suing the libs and cc.for mismanagement and theft.

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