FEATURED COMMENT – Canada is doing something right on terrorism

Re: Editorial – Terrorism is getting closer and closer to home, Oct. 3, 2017:

I think it would be dangerous to define ‘terrorism’ as loosely as you have, because motivations count for plenty. Add to that, ‘means’ and ‘opportunity’. Motivations are what need to be addressed if you want to make the world a safer place, because without them, means and opportunity are no longer relevant. But with them, controlling the ‘means’ becomes much more important.

I could turn out to be wrong, but I very much doubt the Vegas guy was religiously motivated. I doubt he was politically motivated. We might learn more as the investigation goes on, but sometimes people are just crazy. He has some sort of motivation, and clearly, the means.

It occurred to me this morning that we used to see trucks with gun racks in the back window ‘back in the day’. I think they pretty much disappeared in the mid-70’s, because gun laws were starting to work to prevent stupid things from happening. I’m sure there was resistance (although I don’t remember any) and if we were the USA, the Second Amendment people would have started a shooting war over this, because clearly gun control was the start of a police state.

Fast forward to the present and yes, there was a terror attack in Edmonton. But after Las Vegas, it won’t even last the news cycle. In Canada, we worked to prevent a gun problem before it really even began. The Americans, however, doubled down on their artillery and now see mass shootings, like Las Vegas, as ‘normal life’. If Sandy Hook couldn’t change things for them, I don’t think anything really could. No effective control on guns (the means) and – surprise, surprise – really bad things happen.

As the world gets smaller, incidents like in Edmonton become reality even here in Canada. But we need to recognize that the society we’ve built in Canada seems more able to guard against radical actions than others… either because we make it more difficult to pull off these acts (limiting the means), or living here simply doesn’t stoke discontent the way it evidently does in other places (motivation). That doesn’t mean we should be content and feel that everything is just fine here, but we should recognize that we’re doing something right. Or doing something *more right* than other countries.

Ironically, the U.S. is now well on its way to becoming the police state their Second Amendment was supposed to guard against. Most are too blind to see it, but it’s certainly happening. If we want security, it’s probably safe to say… look at what the US is doing… and do the opposite.


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