WHAT’S UP DOWNTOWN – The rewards of collaboration and the ‘three Cs’

New collaborative mural. (Image: CAP Team)

IN DOWNTOWN Kamloops, we are fortunate to have a closely-knit community of businesses, artists, musicians, and ‘makers’ who never turn down an opportunity to make the downtown environment even more vibrant than it already is.

A large part of improvement is collaboration, and the people who make up Downtown Kamloops are always up to the task. Successful collaboration is achieved through what I like to call “The Three Cs” – creativity, communication, and compromise.

Businesses must often place faith in their surrounding merchants to thrive both individually and as a whole, and this is something that Downtown Kamloops does well. Whether it is signing up for a new promotion, taking part in an upcoming event, or experimenting with the way people shop, our merchants are truly special at maintaining an open and innovative mindset.

We must not forget the artists who contribute to the ambiance of Downtown Kamloops, and a perfect example of collaboration between them occurred most recently at our Spring Festival this year.

Five exceptionally talented artists came together to create a breathtaking mural on the side of Jonathan Buchner Gems and Jewellery. The mural – a 90-ft. long piece of art displaying flowers and bumblebees – shows how artists with different backgrounds and styles can draw inspiration from one another to create a single exceptional art piece.

By creating ideas, communicating these ideas, and compromising to make those ideas work within a group, excellence is attained and the entire community benefits as a result.

The rewards of collaboration come in many forms (monetary, emotional, professional) and are often long-term. Aside from the obvious financial rewards, the state of happiness and well-being felt by the entire community is in many ways the most valuable.

Downtown Kamloops benefits and continues to benefit from the many collaborations that have occurred in the past, and is always seeking new opportunities to enhance the overall experience for all who make up our community.

The CAP Team thanks you, and loves to be a part of such a collaborative environment!

Written by Nathan Bymoen from the Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team. Reach them at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Information Kiosk at 250-572-3017. Email Follow on Facebook, Instagram (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too.

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