GINTA – The many wonders of dandelions and other wildflowers

(Image: Daniela Ginta)

IT IS FINALLY here. The warmth we’ve all been looking forward to after a long-drawn winter.

Hills are dressed in emerald green, and peppered with abundant bunches of arrowleaf balsamroot flowers. More wildflowers emerge every day. It’s the kind of show you can find yourself a perpetual awed spectator to, dizzy with wonder and surprise.

Delicate shooting stars, deep blue larkspur looking like tiny wizard hats, buttercups, the omnipresent but nonetheless beautiful dandelion, and so many others I have yet to identify.

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Daniela Ginta is a mother, scientist, writer and blogger. She can be reached at, or through her blog at


1 Comment on GINTA – The many wonders of dandelions and other wildflowers

  1. -I used to wonder when hiking in spring just how small the little yellow buttercups you’d see sporadically situated, singularly across a ridge…just how small the seeds were to create such a small and delicate plant? So perfect in their form, yet in such an isolated environment of such vast open space of rock and sagebrush and heat (that eventually they succumb to): How these little gloriously yellow ‘beacons’ would find place to root and grow – to how small, then, are these seeds? And so little time of moisture in the delicate balance of absolute certain conditions, because you don’t see them year round. Insufferably they almost looked misplaced on the landscape so -otherwise- barren…

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