EDITORIAL – Americans like Canada; maybe they’ll convince Trump

(Angus Reid image)
(Angus Reid image)

An ArmchairMayor editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

ON THIS, inauguration day, a lot of people are worried about the future. Who, in President Trump’s opinion, will be the biggest loser? Who will he think is “a great guy”? Maybe the best thing is to avoid eye contact.

Canadians are concerned about what he’ll do to softwood lumber, to the loonie, and so much more. But Americans in general, it turns out, want their new president to play nice with us.

Canada tops the list of countries they want the Trump administration to treat well. After Canada, there’s Europe. Americans see trade with Canada as a good thing; with Mexico, not so much.

An Angus Reid Institute survey of 1,500 Americans has found that 80 per cent say the new sheriff in the White House should approach Canada “as a valued partner and ally” or “on friendly terms.”

Only 17 per cent said that about Mexico, and one in 10 said Mexico should be considered either an enemy or a potential threat. Either Trump has convinced a lot of Americans with his anti-Mexico rhetoric, or he’s been reflecting a view that was already common.

But 60 per cent of Trump supporters said the U.S. should reduce its commitment to NAFTA or get out of it entirely.

The thing with Trump, of course, is that he says and does only what he wants to say and do, not what anyone else tells him. But any true populist is influenced by which way the wind is blowing.

Maybe if he senses some protectiveness towards Canada by the American public, he’ll at least send us a nice tweet or two.




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