GINTA – Is the myth of Santa Claus a beloved tradition or a damaging lie?

A COUPLE OF DAYS ago, a CBC news headline caught my eye. It was about the myth of Santa and whether it is a beloved tradition or a damaging lie.

gintahed-nkA study concluded that perpetuating the Santa myth damages children’s trust in their parents and ultimately the kids’ mental health may suffer too. Other psychiatrists agreed that the myth can seriously affect children who already have trust issues.

I know parents who go to extraordinary lengths to feed the illusion, so I can sympathize with the idea that a child’s trust can be at least temporarily affected when truth surfaces.

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  1. Psychiatry is far from an exact science, made up mostly of a mix of old wives tales, and misinformed opinions, with a tad of true clinical experience. This discipline can do far more harm to people than good based on what I have seen happen over the years with friends who suffer from mental illness. It seems that when they make statements like this, they are only trying to drum up more business from weak minded parents looking for an excuse for their shortcomings in raising their own kids.

  2. -Let now: scientific, authoritative, ‘(quasi-) socio-psychological psychiatry,’ based in -no less: political correctness (as it’s shield of intellectualism and sheer intelligence), simply, ‘ Kill off Santa…! ‘
    -There, complete and done.

    Oh…and by the way, “Merry…Merry… …Merry… Christmas to you…One and all…”
    (-now that we’ve established the best for children all over the world). …Need I say, “Mercy.” here?
    Lord have mercy… (?)

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