LETTER – Trudeau betrays British Columbians with pipeline approval

(Kinder Morgan photo)

(Kinder Morgan photo)

Prime Minister Trudeau has betrayed the trust of British Columbians. The approval of this project is completely contradictory to this government’s rhetoric at the Paris climate talks, as well as their commitments to finally embrace a new era of reconciliation.

This government was elected with guarantees that change would finally happen — instead we see yet another federal government steamrolling their pipeline agenda over First Nations and over B.C. communities.

I was an intervenor in the National Energy Board review. I have read through Kinder Morgan’s application, reviewed thousands of pages of documentation and asked Trans Mountain more than 600 questions about their spill response capacity.

As a scientist, I can say unequivocally that we remain completely and utterly unprepared for a major oil spill.

Instating a ban for part of the coast while increasing heavy oil tanker traffic by 580 percent in another is completely outrageous. It ignores basic ocean science. We need to protect the entire coast. The potential effects of a diluted bitumen spill in our waters would be catastrophic.

It’s now up to the provincial government to finally tell British Columbians where it stands. Premier Clark has been hedging her bets for years, appearing ready to approve a pipeline as soon as it is politically expedient.

The B.C. Green Party is the only party that has offered a consistent, principled position, based on evidence: heavy oil tankers have no place on our coast.

It is becoming abundantly clear that the ways in which projects are receiving approval no longer meets the expectations of Canadians or First Nation communities. The next government elected in B.C. will have to confront this reality.


Leader, BC Green Party

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7 Comments on LETTER – Trudeau betrays British Columbians with pipeline approval

  1. Not all British Columbians have been created equal…some get to work on a bicycle, others need the 6.5 liters dually. Is utterly silly to be actively destroy the planet just because some people cannot bear…to hear and accept the truth.

  2. Again, people find one small part of something and expand using science, so called logic and opinions. So you don’t want jobs this will create, the economic windfall, then I must be missing something.

  3. A balance between economic resources and the environment is here.

    – The Trans Mountain twining where a pipeline already exists, makes science sense (as long as they do it right as it passes thru towns like Kamloops), and if we ignore the media rhetoric of the uninvolved, has signed on ALL First Nations the pipeline would pass thru … that’s all First Nations. The nations that are complaining are those that are outside of the pipeline, and are politically maneuvering for a piece of the pie.

    -Vancouver Harbour oil shipping must be planned with severely over the top safety standards: 3 tugs per ship until they get past the Island, double hull only by law, massive spill response equipment and staffing at multiple locations within and outside the harbour and response protocols timed and practiced in minutes, not hours or days.

    – The Line 3 replacement is critical to the economy by getting more product to the US market with the least possible impact this side of the border; it does not go near the coast, and is actually a replacement of the pipeline already there on the Canadian side. Getting it done now, before the US gets tired of waiting for it, beats Venezuela to the punch, and secures Canada as the main importer to the US.

    – The no to Northern Gateway and moratorium by law on ocean going oil up there, means the Govt listened to very real comprehensive environmental concerns and reacted appropriately. We all know that a Harper or another conservative ‘oil at all cost’ approach would have slammed NG through, at great peril. Again, science wins out.

    A well thought out balanced answer came out today. It ensures the increased volumes of oil stays off of trains and trucks, and that must be the driving force.
    What I do wish is that this govt will put real funding into assisting with the implementation of wind and solar power production in Canada. We could be a real leader here, but the govt needs to back up the ‘green technology’ rhetoric with major dollars.

  4. Stewart Duncan // November 29, 2016 at 4:39 PM // Reply

    Canadians would rather have their ears tickled than hear and accept truth. Trust in Trudeau, like love for Castro, is foolishness .

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