GINTA – Saving bees one ban proposal at a time

(Daniela Ginta photo)
(Daniela Ginta photo)

DOWN THE STREET from where we live on the way to the trails there is a sign that says ‘Honey for sale’.

gintahed-nkI like that. We always buy local honey. We use beeswax candles only and I use propolis to make tincture and propolis-infused calendula ointment using our garden grown flowers and beeswax. There’s a lot of bee stuff in our family life for sure, save for beekeeping, which we might take to in the future.

That so many of us still hesitate when it comes to differentiating bees from wasps is upsetting and worrying. Learning about bees and their role in our life as we know it should be a topic that children come to know early on and adults never forget.

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