Dustin McIntyre to run for Kamloops City council

CIVIC ELECTION 2014 —  A Thompson Rivers University grad says he’ll bring a more youthful approach to municipal politics.

Dustin McIntyre said he’ll announce his candidacy for Kamloops City council in  a media conference in front of City Hall this afternoon (Thursday).

Dustin McIntyre.

Dustin McIntyre.

“Having just graduated from Thompson Rivers University and with my experience working with young Kamloopsians, I will bring a fresh and energetic approach to the work done by city council,” said McIntyre. “My sense is that residents are ready for a more dynamic and involved Council.”

McIntyre has a Bachelor of Arts degree from TRU and is employed as a community support worker assisting adults with special needs.

“At TRU I was elected to serve students as both vice-president and president of the student union so I understand that listening and involving others to the greatest degree possible produces the best results” said McIntyre. “Too many residents feel ignored and want their voices to be heard in the decisions Council makes.”

McIntyre is volunteers with the TRU Wolfpack sports teams, the Kamloops Food Bank, Kamloops Volleyball Association, and the Kamloops Dragon Boat club.

“Kamloops seems to function best when we make small incremental changes as we build on our past successes, and work toward a shared vision for the city,” said McIntyre. “I support an approach to development that respects our city’s history and balances our need for a strong economy with family supporting jobs with an environment that sustains our health.”

McIntyre said his approach to decision-making requires that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to be involved, that the process is transparent, and that those who make decisions are accountable for the results.

“The kerfuffle over the proposed Ajax mine and the confused review process has pitted resident against resident unnecessarily,” he said. “I fully support mining and other resource-based industries, however the lack of a full panel review of the project by the federal government and the mine’s proximity to Kamloops make Ajax a poor fit for this city at this time.”

“I will be a youthful and dynamic councillor and bring a new generation of leadership to the City of Kamloops” said McIntyre.

The civic election is Saturday, Nov. 15.

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13 Comments on Dustin McIntyre to run for Kamloops City council

  1. somekidinschool // November 6, 2014 at 1:26 PM // Reply

    he is kewl

  2. It will be interesting to see Mr. O’Reilly’s stance on Ajax, seeing as he is on the board of the Kamloops Exploration Group, known as KEG. It is a group that promotes the interests of mining.

    • I won’t speak for Mr. O’Reilly, but considering he sits on the board of KEG, one can make the assumption that he is pro mining. Having said that, we don’t see him ranting that we need to build Ajax. I will presume that he is waiting for the facts before jumping to conclusions.

  3. He sounds like a breath of fresh air to me. Glass half full, Lyman?

  4. Local Observer // September 18, 2014 at 5:15 PM // Reply

    With Michael Crawford in his corner, what could go wrong?
    Poor kid.

  5. Seems like the majority of new candidates are anti-ajax. If city council was to have a shake-up, we might see a tougher stance on the mine. However, Kamloops isn’t knwn for shaking up it’s councils much.

  6. Youthful exuberance is a good thing … sometimes.
    Beside that, he is got the “blah, blah, blah” of a politician already. Lots of empty words.
    I am looking forward for some details on his platform, including how he plants to deal with an inefficient bylaw department.
    I am also looking forward on how he plans to deal with an inefficient, happy spending parks department.

    • Until councilors learn that they are in charge of city staff on behalf of the taxpayer Lyman, things will never change. I had a sitting councilman once tell me that they are scared to lay down the law to staff, because when they might need a report, or other info gathered for them, city staff might not cooperate. To me, that seems like a pretty pathetic attitude.

      • Have you checked out that Mike O’Reilly yet? That’s one interesting fellow.
        The part about him where he worked for Venture Kamloops is most intriguing.
        Venture Kamloops: What do they do? Do you know?

      • Venture Kamloops is a group that supposedly promotes Kamloops to business , and tries to get them interested in locating here. Other than that, I don’t know much about them Lyman.

      • Mike O’Reilly sounds like he would be a lot better than some , that have made a career of sitting on council, and some others that should just be gone period.

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