LETTER – City council, please put the kindergarten sandbox stuff aside

To Kamloops City Council:

Your arguments need to be taken behind closed doors.

I do not take a position on anything anymore. The he said, she said, I heard from, I read in, … none of that. As all of you know, for many years I have taken a strong interest in municipal affairs. Now I’m ready to quit. I can’t answer any questions from friends and family. I have no explanations, no insights. I’m not even interested in trying anymore.

This whole situation is pathetic, disappointing, embarrassing, puzzling. The main and social media rumors and speculation are rampant and all over the map. That’s not healthy. But all 9 of you know that.

What do you all expect from the citizens of Kamloops? We rely on filtered information from media, friends, coffee meetings or whatever. None of us, not a single person, is in the room every time to fully understand what all is going on. That’s on you 9. Do I have my guesses, my thoughts? Sure. But I have nothing to go on to factually know whether I’m right or wrong.

We have a City to govern. We have a provincial and national reputation to protect if we’re going to attract people and business, as well as simple community pride.

I’ve never had an employer who would tolerate these behaviours; there would be clear consequences. It’s as if you’re relying on the media to come up with solutions.

Put all this kindergarten sandbox stuff aside, go out of town if that’s what it takes – an hour, a morning, a week, I don’t care. Quit this public stuff. Call in however many professionals you need. Everyone in one room and figure it out. None of you are all correct. None of you are all fully wrong. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle.

I know some of you, to varying degrees. I didn’t vote for all of you, none of us did, but you’re all there. If some or all quit and we have a by-election, so be it. End this. Now.

I have booked a windowless room with 9 chairs. You’re all going in there. We’ll feed the survivors.


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3 Comments on LETTER – City council, please put the kindergarten sandbox stuff aside

  1. Ian MacKenzie // March 23, 2023 at 10:57 AM // Reply

    Tom – I particularly like your last sentence.

  2. Simon Mason // March 22, 2023 at 11:41 AM // Reply

    I love it. Offer your or my services to clean up this mess.

  3. The disheartening part is many issues which are consistently on the margins are now receiving even less attention. Administration will do even more as they please.

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