LETTER – Another kind of ‘continuum’ is going on in our parks and streets

(Image: John Noakes)

The use of the word “continuum” has made me feel rather small and insignificant.  But, there are still some things that should be addressed by our municipal government.

On the way home from picking up our dog Buddy from his play time with his dog friends at a doggie daycare, I managed to maneuver along city street that no longer have visible lines to mark such things as lanes and crosswalks.

I managed to dodge a number of potholes and attempted to avoid aggressive drivers who wanted to exceed the speed limit on the Overlanders Bridge (where there are no visible lane markings).

The next time I took Buddy on a walk along Rivers Trail, I went by Westmount Park and noticed that some alterations to the sprinkler control system had not yet been addressed.

For almost 10 days, covers had been removed and holes had been left, exposing valves for the underground sprinkler system in Westmount Park.  I had noticed a single orange coloured traffic cone near where the covers had been removed; but it had been relocated to a spot about a hundred feet away from the fall hazard.

Maybe this is the new normal for the park.  People still use the park and I have seen some kids there with their adult caregivers from a childcare place a few blocks away.  The holes and exposed valves pose a risk.

“Continuum” is a word that appears in the dictionary supplied as part of the Mac operating system.  Or, look it up on line in a search of Wikipedia…… “theories or models that explain gradual transitions from one condition to another without abrupt changes.”

That word might fit what has happened to our streets as far as line painting and potholes or our parks which now have sharps containers and fall hazards, both close to playground equipment for kids.

No wonder citizens are limited to five minutes when addressing the folks at the Horse Shoe Table.  It’s all part of the continuum.

From a pensioner who has a camera and time on his hands, I remain,


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1 Comment on LETTER – Another kind of ‘continuum’ is going on in our parks and streets

  1. The lines on the streets disappearing
    over winter has been discussed for a few years. They are using environmental friendly paint I believe the reason was.
    Perhaps they need to be done twice a year
    Spring and just before winter hits.
    The bridge is bad I noticed that in January when I had to drive to NS at night.

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