LETTER – Consumers being ripped off at every turn in the name of inflation

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Stats Can had the latest report on inflation today (Wednesday Dec 21), and it was good(?) news, bad news.

Apparently inflation nationwide has dropped to 6.8%, however, the price of food continues its climb into the stratosphere, soaring to 11.4%.  Many others costs are seeing dramatic increases as well however.

Today I went to buy a new replacement mask for my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. Last time round I think I paid around $60, and I said at the time it seemed way overpriced for what it was. Today they wanted $105 — I told them there was no way in hell I planned to pay that amount.

They gave me the typical song and dance about increased costs for medical equipment to which I replied, “It’s not any kind of high tech medical equipment, it’s simply a piece of moulded plastic with a soft rubber cushion.”

Then they said I could claim it on my medical plan so it wasn’t going to cost me that anyway. My response to that was, “Why do you think we pay so much for medical premiums?”

Instead of paying over $100 for a bit of plastic, I’ll get some contact cement and glue the rubber gasket part back on to the plastic…all for maybe 5 bucks instead.

Highway robbery is the name of the game and we as consumers are being ripped off at every turn.  Every lame excuse is being used to justify these ridiculous prices that businesses just expect us to keep paying.<

There’s a LOT of stuff I am now refusing to buy, and I expect that list will just get longer. I’m not going to play their game, and unjustifiably exorbitant price increases will not be accepted.


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3 Comments on LETTER – Consumers being ripped off at every turn in the name of inflation

  1. Robert George // December 23, 2022 at 2:52 AM // Reply

    Greed has finally been mentioned.There is a great deal of money being made these days and it,s all through just plain greed. It.s hard to believe what all this junk from China is being sold for. Who owns the rental buildings. Greedy landlords that’s who.Why is gasoline at the pumps twice the price in good old Canada. Why will many people never expect to pay off their morgages. At one time not so long ago there was one breadwinner in the family and you didn,t hear about daycare everyday on the news. Foodbanks were unheard of and there were no homeless people. Morgages were paid off in 25 years. In Vancouver and surrounding districts we had one of the best transit systems in the world. Everybody worked.Many don,t want work . It,s easier to be on the pogey Our reasonable way of life and it,s economic system that used to service all is capute.The medical system we bragged about is broken.
    Too many people. Too many automobiles.Too many commuters travelling too long a distances. Too many immigrants at once. Too many armed criminals a problem the police will never cure. A society we all once accepted and enjoyed is out of control and the bleeding hearts will never fix it. The time is past for some hard decisions that the bleeding hearts will not like.

  2. Good morning Alan:
    Don’t you wish sometime the government would step in and make greed illegal?

  3. Sad when I paid $5.99 for a cauliflower yesterday and I thought it was a good deal.

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