LETTER – Tories on wrong track with their ‘unholy alliance’ scenario

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I RECENTLY SAW a TV Ad urging Canadians to vote for the Progressive Conservative party, in order to break …”The unholy alliance of Liberal, NDP and Greens (that) has got Canada on the Ropes.”

What a sick, twisted, cynical view of our country to be held by a party that says it has the peoples’ interests at heart. The statement is an open condemnation of the people’s choices. It ignores the repeated fact that the Liberal, Green and NDP parties consistently garner about two thirds of our votes. And the PC party sees that as unholy?Cooperation in the name of unity is unholy?

If we think more closely, the Conservative statement is a standard piece of ill-thought worn-out slogans depicting the supposedly sacred but hapless wealthy being held to ransom by an evil, godless cabal of common people with threateningly moderate views. They are allied, of course, with the supposedly equally evil working class, in some sort of immoral, unnatural and manipulated dictatorship.

Thanks, PC Party of Canada, for baring your true colours…yellow, alarmist and scary. And both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

There is, never was, and should never be anything holy or unholy in Canadian politics. I am saddened, but not really surprised, to see the Conservative party trying to change that. It makes one wonder who is holding the reins, and why. Well, we should know that….

Similarly, there should never be anything alarmist, extreme, or divisive in our politics. The essence of democratic elections is just that…a uniform process of common humanity, relatively devoid of the influences of wealth, ignorance and power, vying, with whatever degree of logic, fact and hope each can muster, to gain the public confidence and to govern in the united public interest.

And, with respect for both victor and runner-up. One may win the election, but one governs for all. If this is an “unholy alliance,” I wonder what it is the Tories REALLY respect.

The drivel and fear-mongering emanating from the Conservative party should stand as a beacon to direct voters with any common sense or decency to avoid this kind of divisive trash, and not vote far a party that believes it, let alone publishes it, or would govern by it.

Canada is a nation of varied and diverse regions, ethnicities and strengths…the international epitome of compromise. A political party that sees that fact as an unholy alliance is on the wrong track.


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1 Comment on LETTER – Tories on wrong track with their ‘unholy alliance’ scenario

  1. David Johnson // September 7, 2021 at 1:46 PM // Reply

    Mr Graham,
    As I dont have cable at home (so dont see mainstream TV commercials) I didnt see this one, and was unaware of the ‘unholy alliance’ comment entirely, when considering Conservative Party messaging, as I wrote a column about it elsewhere on this news site.

    Standing on its own, I agree entirely with your synopsis of the use of this type of messaging, but I wonder … was this geared entirely towards their hardline Conservative base, that would fall for it, and see the party as aligned with their standards?

    On the other side, would the more moderate and fence sitting voter just gloss over this comment without reading into it as you have done, and focus on the more moderate statements out there that I discussed?

    I can imagine the Conservative Party trying to ‘play both sides of the field’ as much as they can, and toting a fence hopping approach to attract voters of all angles.

    Curious of your take, I appreciate your writing.
    David Johnson

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