LETTER – The degradation, or dissolution, of public health care: the enemy within

(Image: Gert Altmann, Pixabay)

As I read my daily papers and watch television news, I am appalled at the dangers facing our society as a consequence of the Covid crisis.  The threat to individual and public health is enormous.  Witness the number of attacks on the efforts and even the personality of Dr. Henry, our Public Health Officer.

Unfortunately, and ironically, I am not referring to the dangers presented by the virus itself, or even by its medical side-effects, however long-term and insidious they may be.

What really troubles me and presents a far greater threat to our way of life is the casual, hedonistic abandonment with which thousands of – primarily – young urban dwellers react to the pandemic.

In blatant, deliberate ignorance of the medical orders, or danger to their co-workers and  their fellow transit riders, they party at will in open abuse and defiance of civic laws, health regulations and common decency. The pot-fuelled or beer/wine inflated egotism or hedonism imposes a risk to public health and to public health’s capacity to respond. 

It its unfortunate that these people cannot be identified and recorded, so that if/when they become ill as a consequence of their own ignoring of public health guidelines, they are automatically denied access to the medical services to which our society has committed itself.

Their injuries or consequences were self inflicted,  and in defiance of simple care.

These people are the same in their ignorance as the  supposed anti-vaxxers who defy public health orders and recommendations, then, when stricken, expect public funds and services to restore their health and to pay the bills.  Both exhibit either total irresponsibility or total hypocrisy… probably the former, because hypocrisy demands conscious thought.

If this sounds like the rant of an old man, that is because it is. Canadian civil and human rights are among the best in the world, were gained by enormous vision, sacrifice and effort, and are under threat of massive abuse, ignorance and open contempt by a generation that had nothing to do with their foundation.

The notion of the spoiled brat comes to mind. Perhaps a solution could be found in a conditional clause in our medical plans which requires evidence of compliance with the terms of the social contract.  A contract broken by one party invalidates the responsibility of the other party. In the words of the old story, No ticket, no laundry.

What Canadians have come to know as our social security network is rotting from within.

I despair.   


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3 Comments on LETTER – The degradation, or dissolution, of public health care: the enemy within

  1. Yup. Correct. And sad. But my generation had the decency to invent Medicare and elect governments that
    would implement it. The people I refer to have given nothing, and risk all…the all of others now and in the
    future. The name of the game is to leave the stage in better condition than when you entered it.m. It’s called civilization.

  2. Ian MacKenzie // April 22, 2021 at 9:04 AM // Reply

    Well said, Pierce!

  3. We are a hedonistic selfish society…at least for as long as I have lived and on two continents. And the marketing forces have been pushing society even further into hedonism and selfishness. We glorify “actors” either the ones in Hollywood movies or the ones down the street living large, flashing ostentatiousness. We don’t promote and reward people for what they are but for what they pretend to be. We are vanity. Then let’s not show surprise if the new generation have learned really well the lessons showed to them by their parents.

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