LETTER – Dr. Bonnie Henry continues her ambiguous, inconsistent style

Dr. Bonnie Henry. (Image: Govt of BC)

I feel I should support anyone who senses that Bonnie Henry should be dislodged from her seat of power. I have never found her authentic or consistent. She is burning down the house (whatever bits are left of it) because there is a hornet’s nest in the corner.

Her passive aggressive style appears to fly over the heads of many, but I think people are starting to sit up more when she throws out these random policies and instant “laws”, so I urge you to please continue writings about her shortcomings.

Her unwillingness to accept any responsibility for what she did on New Year concerning the restaurants, and then stating that they should’ve “expected” it?? was the absolute clincher for me. It was the actions and attitude of someone who is on a power high.

Please continue to bring forward her ambiguous, inconsistent, and dictatorial style of “handling” COVID. She is not thinking further than her nose is long. Power-drunk springs to mind, as well as turning a blind eye, and choosing not to admit any variables into her thinking process when creating the hullabaloo about COVID deaths.

In 2020 there were 900 deaths in B.C. due to COVID, and 1,700 overdose deaths, which has surged since the restrictions and subsequent job losses. She brushed over these numbers maybe twice; although I stick my fingers in my ears or switch to the shopping channel when she comes on, so I might be wrong.

Thank you again for sticking your neck out.


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4 Comments on LETTER – Dr. Bonnie Henry continues her ambiguous, inconsistent style

  1. Her critics tend to be female, non expert in medical, health, or public administration, and more concerned with style than substance. The alternative would have been to ignore the situation and let it run its course. Not one critic has suggested an alternate plan. The public is, generally, uninformed and over opinionated. I prefer expertise .

  2. Jerome Farrell // January 13, 2021 at 3:01 PM // Reply

    When you look at the results that she has achieved in BC compared to most of the rest of Canada,She has to be allowed some mistakes.This is not an exact science.

  3. deborah johnson // January 13, 2021 at 7:37 AM // Reply

    & of the 900 deaths from covid in BC last year how many were seniors in care homes? maybe they should stop trying to HELP so much.

    • I don’t understand your comment. Maybe who should stop trying to help who? It’s terrible that so many seniors in homes are dying from Covid. I’m very grateful that I don’t have a loved one in a seniors home right now.

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