McQUARRIE – Two years later, are our City councillors doers or wafflers?

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TWO YEARS AGO, voters had the opportunity to elect who they thought would be best suited to represent them on City council.  Decisions were made on who might be up for the job and who had the drive, knowledge and ability to act and build upon the visions so grandly spoken of during the fall of 2018.

That was about 750 days ago and the big smiles, the door knocking, the speeches, the promises and of course the massive number of in-your-face lawn signs are all long gone. Like those promises, they are all tucked away on the back shelves of distant memories.

The early claims and excuses of, ‘just getting my feet wet’ or, ‘still learning the ropes’ are long past their expiry date as is the honeymoon period voters often grant new politicians.

So, given this halfway mark, how are those who got your vote doing? Were they doers of things or wafflers unable to make a decision until they had tested the wind 10 different ways?

Were the visions of the City they talked about more fantasy than fact or something they truly believed in?  Were sleeves rolled up as work got underway on these ideas or did committees, studies and reports replace action?

Did their sincere claims of only wanting to be a City councillor so they could tirelessly work on your behalf morph into something more closely resembling a career choice, where image and office longevity became more important than substance?

Where did the visionaries of 2018 go? What happened to the economic development promise of a newly diversified economy that could better absorb the shocks of a resource based economy?

With years to prepare for the rumoured Ajax mining reapplication, what strategies are already in place and sitting on the shelf, ready and waiting to deal with the environmental issues?  Have those you elected taken the time to build the alliances and the legal foundation that will insure their strategy moves forward?

What are the plans and positions of those on Council who are the wannabe mayors in waiting?  Are they waiting to see where the winds are blowing or do they have the courage to take a position and commit to creating their own winds of change?

By its very nature, leadership isn’t about the insipidness of wanting to be liked by everyone.  And it isn’t about setting a personal goal that amounts to nothing more than wanting to be re-elected. Followers and those incapable of original thinking should not have applied.

Two years ago we listened to those wanting our vote describe their vision of where Kamloops would be in the next two, five and even 10 years.  Since then, what has been accomplished beyond the same old, same old of the uninspired excuse of slow and steady?

I’m just asking for a friend but other than increased taxes, what is different today and what have those you elected two years ago personally done to contribute to the growth and development of your City?

Bill McQuarrie is a former magazine publisher, photojournalist and entrepreneur. Semi-retired and now living in Port McNeill, you can follow him on Instagram #mcriderbc or reach him at

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4 Comments on McQUARRIE – Two years later, are our City councillors doers or wafflers?

  1. Yes Bill. Strangely quiet! Herd mentality?

    But, we are watching and there will be another election.

  2. By its very nature, leadership isn’t about the insipidness of wanting to be liked by everyone.
    That’s a “killer” sentence, Bill!
    But with only three people in Kamloops asking questions and not getting answers what can we do? And you live far away.

  3. Some interesting points, Bill.
    For the last election, I chose a “newbie”, explained an issue and thought she was on board. Once she had a spot on council, I’m pretty sure she heard why my concern was a bit of a hot potato.
    Be that as it may, the opportunity has presented itself to continue to gather more information that will eventually make its way to the pages of a novel some day.

  4. Two years ago we had the Kamloops Heritage Commission and now what do we have?

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