LETTER – 2020 has been a bad year but there’s hope beyond our understanding

(Image: Courtesy John Noakes)

This is a year that a lot of us could never have believed was going to happen.  We pinch ourselves in the morning to make sure we are still here, in the body, and ready to face another day.  A lot of people are on edge, saying things and doing things out of character.  Where is the light at the end of the tunnel?

Facing the summer was almost a daunting task.  Yes, there were projects around the house but what would bring back a sense of purpose?

As it turned out, an invitation was received from a long term care facility to come and do some music for the residents and staff from their flower garden outside.  An interesting proposal became a reality and thanks to the use of their wireless microphone feeding a signal into their sound system inside the building, everybody inside was able to see and hear a person in real life.  A couple of music therapists also were able to bring a sense of joy to the people who had been in isolation since late winter.

A few things I learned:  traditional old hymns are still loved by just about everybody, a lot of people memorized Psalm 23 when they were kids and recited it aloud as it was read to them and there is an abundance of truth to the statement that it is far better to give than receive.

The visits there made my summer right up until Thanksgiving Sunday.  Most of the time, I have enjoyed the structured style of going to a place of worship on Sundays.  But, I have always felt there should be more to the whole experience of one’s spiritual life.

On Oct. 19, I lost my twin brother to cancer.  This past Tuesday, my oldest brother died of leukemia.  Yep, grief with a capital G.  But, there is the realization that I and our family are not alone.  Lots of people are going through stuff right now.

It isn’t the time to give up on humanity or the goodness that is still within people around us.  Christmas?  Good news?  It has never been a problem best addressed or solved through commercialism.  Perhaps the best message of hope does rest on things beyond our understanding.


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1 Comment on LETTER – 2020 has been a bad year but there’s hope beyond our understanding

  1. Ian MacKenzie // December 5, 2020 at 9:40 AM // Reply

    My most sincere condolences, John. I, too, have very recently lost an almost brother, but to have lost two brothers in such a short time, one of them your twin, is certainly beyond my understanding. All I can add is “this too shall pass”.

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