LETTERS – More feedback on staff parking issue at Royal Inland

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I sent a letter of concern to RIH/IHA last week and the response is below.

To Patient Care Quality Office, Interior Health

I am very concerned about the safety and care of the RIH staff. The letter posted at

regarding the staff access to parking has me bewildered that the people we depend upon to keep us safe and well are not being treated appropriately.

Please provide staff with safe parking, easy access to their vehicles, especially after dark, and ensure that they can park close to the hospital. I think, as a gesture of support for our front line workers who are sacrificing so much during this pandemic, all fines need to be forgiven, and the practice of parking infractions being reported to HR needs to be stopped immediately.

RIH patient May 2020 (level of care received BTW – absolutely excellent)

Hi Lori,

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about parking at Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) with Interior Health’s Parking Services as we value feedback from patients and visitors.

Interior Health recognizes that parking at Royal Inland Hospital can be a challenge for patients and staff, especially during busier daytime hours. It’s important staff use designated staff parking to ensure patients coming to RIH have access to the facility. Please know that all employees are eligible for after-hours/weekend parking passes to park onsite in staff dedicated areas. We have also secured three offsite weekday staff parking areas and the Patient Care Tower project will create about 100 net new parking stalls at RIH.

The safety of staff is important to Interior Health and a Safe Walk program is available at all Interior Health sites. After-hours transport is available to the Peterson Creek parking lot and security will provide a foot escort to the end of the property at 3rd and Columbia and visually monitor the staff member to the 3rd and Battle Street lots.

Kind Regards,
Parking Services, Interior Health

Parking in public parkade is grounds for termination

I want to stay anonymous as I don’t want to lose my job. I love being a nurse. The level of support from upper management/directors and their care for all of us staff is horrendous. In the policy you’ll see that parking in the public parkade is grounds for termination. Which a colleague of mine was hauled into HR and was given this warning.

“Failure to comply with parking regulations is not acceptable and may result in parking fines, vehicle impoundment and removal of parking privileges and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination.”


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2 Comments on LETTERS – More feedback on staff parking issue at Royal Inland

  1. Ian MacKenzie // December 2, 2020 at 9:34 AM // Reply

    IH better rewrite their policy books in a thankful and humane manner. Sounds like their present ones could have been written in cuneiform.

  2. Dave Monsees // December 2, 2020 at 5:22 AM // Reply

    Sure, all these comments are true, but as usual, upper management burocrats are trying to protect them selves and others , so they keep giving phoney stupid replies. Give your heads a shake, Parking Managers, and Interior Health, the friggin parking lot ISN’T BIG ENOUGH. tHERE ISN’T ENOUGH ROOM for all the employees. The employees at the Malls get more respect than you are giving our Hospital Staff. Can you imagine the mess if you told the employees at the Mall that they couldn’t park on the lot for customers, that they had to find street parking up to 5 blocks away…in unplowed sidewalks and no security in the darkness? Aberdeen Mall offers escorted security personnel for night time workers to get to their cars…and dthat is to semi lit parking areas. You are treating our Hospital Staff like trash. Be sides being my care givers, they are my neighbors and friends. It’s a crappy situation and Interior Health has done nothing about it for years. They are the ones that should be dismissed for not doing their job to protect employees…

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