LETTER – Nursing students face confusing answers on parking question

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

The parking at the hospital has really developed into a “us vs them” between the nurses and IH, but as far as I have experienced this is just not the case.

As a student, I am not an employee of the hospital, and completely ineligible for a parking spot in the staff parkade.

By definition, you might refer to us as visitors of the hospital. We are required to be there at the time of the nurses in order to optimize our learning, which may make it appear as though we are nurses. It was noted by other students on Nov. 27 that tickets were being issued despite the signs on the parking kiosks still being there.

As a result, I took the appropriate precautions and downloaded the HangTag app used by Impark in this location (I’ve used PayByPhone at other locations up until this point), and have paid for parking each time I’m there, despite being free for visitors, as stated by the payment kiosks.

Supposedly, payment for parking is exempt, but receiving tickets despite payment is. I have had to be at the hospital 1-2 times weekly since this time, and despite consistently paying online, have been ticketed every time I have been there. Each ticket I’ve gotten has been issued before 8 a.m. and to top it off, it is the same patroller (#20).

Interestingly enough, of the mittful of tickets I’ve received, I haven’t had to pay a single one once discussing my status with a representative on the phone.

I’ve asked each time where I’m supposed to be parking – I’ve gotten a variation of answers These include that they shouldn’t be ticketing me and they would follow up with the patroller, and another saying I should be parking on lower floors to avoid the ticket, blaming it on IH’s implementation of policies.

None of the answers I received sounded very confident, and thus far, none of the solutions offered have brough me positive results.

It brings me to question how they are determining who an employee is, and who is visiting. In the past, nurses have come to the hospital ready to work in their scrubs. Since the pandemic, everyone comes in street clothes, and changes to prevent the spread.

In short, we all look the same coming in. I have to make the speculation that they’re basing this determination by what time you arrive at the hospital – as if treatment and appointments don’t start at 6 a.m.

Up until this week, I have been safe to pay and submit my proof online. Inconvenient as it is, it has been better than the alternatives. As of this week, the RIH parking lot is no longer available on the app. It really begs understanding of their motivation when my $6.35 a day is no longer enough, and I can predict a $30 ticket if I am to continue.

I think this development speaks more to the nature of how Impark operates, opposed to them being sympathetic to their cliental in holding payment at this time, which needs to be addressed by Impark.

There are patients who require treatment multiple times a week such as dialysis or follow up appointments. It makes one wonder how they are coping, and if they are also being penalized for being required to use the facilities.


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2 Comments on LETTER – Nursing students face confusing answers on parking question

  1. Bill Hadgkiss // November 30, 2020 at 12:01 PM // Reply

    Is this Health Care Student getting a preview of her future treatment by the Interior Health ‘Authority’?

  2. What a ridiculous mess, full of unnecessary hassle. People are responsible for failed systems, you just can’t fix the system, you need to get rid of those people!

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