TNRD – Rural directors’ group to review controversial RV regulations

The use of recreational vehicles as dwellings will come before the TNRD Electoral Area Directors meeting Oct. 17.  The 10 EA directors represent rural areas of the regional district outside municipalities.

Concern about a section of the TNRD’s zoning bylaw that prohibits the use of RVs as dwellings has caused concern, especially in the North Thompson area. About 35 residents attended Thursday’s board meeting (Sept. 19, 2019).

Director Carol Schaffer of Electoral Area A (Wells Gray Country) made the motion to put the issue on the agenda for the EA directors’ meeting, and for staff to gather information for presentation at the meeting.

I supported the motion because the concern with the bylaw is within rural areas and the meeting will give rural reps a chance to discuss it in detail. Any recommendations coming out of that meeting will go to the full board for consideration.

I think it’s important to get as many questions and concerns answered as quickly as we can to clear up confusion, so I moved an amendment as follows:

“…And that a communications plan be developed to provide comprehensive information to affected residents on RV regulations and that residents be invited to provide input before the next meeting of the EA Directors, and that the EA Directors’ meeting include an opportunity for residents to attend and speak on the use of RVs as dwellings.”

I suggested we could create a Q&A document proactively answering as many questions/ concerns as possible being talked about among residents, and that a place be reserved on the website for questions to be asked and answered.

Although there was considerable support for the amendment, it was defeated.

I’m pleased, though, that there will still be an opportunity built into the agenda for residents to attend and speak, and I’m sure residents will continue to ask questions to the TNRD or through the residents’ committee.

When the agenda is finalized it will be posted on the website.

— Mel Rothenburger, Director, Electoral Area P (Rivers and the Peaks). Any opinions I express in my capacity as a TNRD director are strictly my own and do not represent official TNRD policy.

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7 Comments on TNRD – Rural directors’ group to review controversial RV regulations

  1. LaVerne sharp // October 4, 2019 at 12:10 PM // Reply

    Yes I agee Government Regulations are not needed on personal Properties so find something else to try to justify your job in TNRD. Cut your staff and save us money on taxes Please.

  2. LaVerne Sharp // October 4, 2019 at 12:05 PM // Reply

    I agree with the others that say you have no business in trying to dictate what we can do about parking RVs on our personal properties. Conscentrate on the invasive weeds and thistles on our roads and in the Lakes would be a better use of your time.

  3. The RV and trailer perceived by a small one compared to what is coming down the pike The many homeless .the unemployed, shortage of reasonably priced rental properties .drug addiction as never seen it and other social problems that are rampant. and unsolvable are an indication of serious future problems.

  4. Why do they always want to be in charge? People have been doing fine and when the need arises to live in an rv, … isn’t the way people want it, but they might be forced to do this,….so if they visit family and stay awhile, …or just a good visit, why do you have to send them to a parkground!…!??????
    Why can’t we visit family on their property??.
    It’s no fun having to go to a provincial park, that is already full, it doesn’t allow a bigger rv!!!
    So it’s booked all summer, a year ahead!!!!!
    Stop please,…..we like to visit family at a lake, have a good time, but not be a burden in their house!!!
    If they own the property , they should be able to do what they want!!, after all they pay the taxes !!!! They own it!!!,

    • Mel Rothenburger // September 21, 2019 at 9:54 PM // Reply

      Visits by family aren’t a problem. Though technically it can be prohibited if it causes too much noise, etc. the TNRD has never had a complaint filed by a neighbor and the rule has never been enforced. However, I think the board needs to look at putting practice into specific writing so people can stop being worried about it.

  5. Thanks David
    I couldn’t have said it better myself. In most issues of the sort gov’t should bug out. It’s non of their buisness.

  6. I believe that this is another example of government intrusion into the lives of rural folk where it is not only completely unnecessary, but also unwanted and resented. If the owner of a rural acreage chooses to permit a family member, or close friend, to park an RV on their land, and live in it, that is the owner’s right and prerogative and should be beyond the legitimate jurisdiction of the TNRD, or any other local government.

    Initiatives like this serve to reinforce the opinion of many rural citizens that what governments do, far more often than not, is take your money and make your life worse.

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