LETTER – MLA Stone should have remained neutral on prop rep issue

Todd Stone. Image: File photo, BC Govt)

To Kamloops South Thompson MLA Todd Stone: Last night I received a phone message from you. Right away you announced that this was advertising sponsored by the BC Liberal Party. Then you urged me to vote for First Past the Post in the BC Referendum on Electoral Reform.

Mr. Stone – This is entirely inappropriate action for a tax payer-funded MLA. Your job is to represent all of your constituents, not to promote the viewpoint of the BC Liberal Party. What should you have done? Remain neutral by simply urging your constituents to vote. What did I do? I pressed delete.


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8 Comments on LETTER – MLA Stone should have remained neutral on prop rep issue

  1. The Librals (read Old Socred) held power repeatedly, with 60 percent o the seats based on 38 to 43 percent
    of the total vote. No wonder they reject a fairer really representative method.

  2. Robert Bruce // November 18, 2018 at 5:26 PM // Reply

    Ya, he needs to go…but that’d never happen in the loops, we hang on to old things all the time…if you want to be a career politician, this is the place to do it. Once in, never out. Nothing but sheep here…

  3. Ian M MacKenzie // November 18, 2018 at 5:03 PM // Reply

    Anne – priceless pithiness! I couldn’t stop laughing.a

  4. Thank you Ann for your comments. The only time I see the faces of our MLA’s is in the ads of the ‘smiling duo’.

    The one time I needed a face across the table recently, my MLA was “not available”.

  5. Ken Mcclelland // November 18, 2018 at 4:06 PM // Reply

    Why should he remain neutral? The NDP and Greens have made their position abundantly clear as loud and as often as they can. Just because you don’t agree with the messaging doesn’t mean the messenger should be prevented from delivering it. That is, unless you’re against freedom of speech…..

  6. You sure make a (very) good point Anne!

  7. Well ( and necessarily), said.

  8. What do you expect ? The Liberals have never been able to draw those lines, ever.

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