McQUARRIE – Politics can be a cold, hard, cruel world

(Image: CFJC Today)

IN LAST WEEK’S COLUMN, Councillor Sinclair took me to task for not mentioning what a great job she was doing responding to emails and phone calls. Previous to that, she was complaining about how busy she was and that I hadn’t given her enough time over the July 1st long weekend to respond to a question.

I realize the life of a city politician can be busy, but one must not lose sight of the fact the she and other politicians wanted the job. In fact they wanted it so badly, they were willing – as they are right now – to campaign 24/7 and spend thousands of dollars fighting long and hard to get it. It’s what they signed up for and having little personal time and taking public criticism are part and parcel of the job.

Reassurance and validation are not the job of a political scribe; that’s for family and close friends. On the other hand, when departments or politicians have exceeded expectations or performed at levels beyond the job description, then we have a story.

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Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

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