LETTER – Why B.C. will never allow the Trans Mountain pipeline to be built

(Image: Kinder Morgan)

Be forewarned! There is a environmental protest tsunami wave surging throughout B.C.,  focused mostly in the Lower Mainland , against the KM pipeline.

The pipeline corridor goes through many opposing B.C. towns,  Indian Reservations and all through lands considered First Nations Treaty territory. First Nations have lived in harmony with the land for generations and value its protection as a result  but other B.C. residents also have a special attachment to the land which few in Canada appreciate or understand.

Nelson Riis.

Why? Stand outside any B.C. home and you may see mountains, forests, lakes, glaciers, rivers, hills and/or ocean. We are reminded every and all day of our special relationship and closeness with nature.

For most Canadians this simply is not their reality. Their reality is usually concrete or the house across the street. The most crucial  issue with KM is with gargantuan oil tankers plying the ocean tides, and currents through Burrard Inlet, along Stanley Park, past the beaches of English Bay, out into the Salish Sea, threading through the pristine Gulf Islands and out through the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

In no city in the world can you ski in the morning and play golf or go sailing in the afternoon. Vancouver’s pristine natural setting is unprecedented. Tens of thousands of B.C. men, women and children who value their attachment to nature will simply not allow chemically laden bitumen to threaten B.C.’s natural environment.

Remember the protests, and often the arrests, surrounding the Great Bear Rain Forest, Carmanah, Clayoquot Sound, Lyall Island, Meares Island, Slocan valley, Gustoffson Lake controversies? The KM Pipeline protests will make the Standing Rock protest look like a Boy Scout picnic.

What is Beautiful B.C. worth? Most of the people of this unique province will never allow their pristine natural environment be destroyed by an oil spill. Be prepared for a protest, the likes of which we have never seen or imagined.

Kinder Morgan will never be allowed to happen.


Editor’s Note: Nelson Riis is a geographer by profession who taught at Thompson Rivers University (then the University College of the Cariboo), and a former Member of Parliament representing Kamloops for 20 years.

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4 Comments on LETTER – Why B.C. will never allow the Trans Mountain pipeline to be built

  1. Joseph Federico // March 3, 2018 at 5:51 AM // Reply

    Great comments. You’ve painted a beautiful picture of the BC landscape, and the connection people have to the land. It’s clear that you have a love of of this place and want to see it protected.

  2. Bill Hadgkiss // March 2, 2018 at 12:08 PM // Reply


  3. R A George // March 2, 2018 at 11:36 AM // Reply

    The most crucial issue is as Nelson Reese describes it perfectly. I have never had an issue in the 18 years we,ve been here with the pipeline that passes through our farm,and has done for many years. It is at present unused but the one one quarter of a mile up the hill is.It is inspected on a weekly basis by helicopter Better that than along the Thompson and Fraser river in railcars as is now happening.A derailment is obviously inevitable, as proven in the last few years.
    Recently we have had 3 disconcerting happenings with Kinder- Morgan personal as the pipeline on our property is to be again used.
    I don,t know what the outcome of all this is going to be,but it will not be pleasant. Ajax,which would have been a disaster did not happen,and neither should any expansion in Burrard Inlet. Only people pressure will stop it. United we must stand.

  4. Jerome Farrell // March 2, 2018 at 11:04 AM // Reply

    Why don’t they extend the Pipeline
    to Roberts Bank instead of insisting
    on gaining tidewater at the second

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