GINTA – In vino veritas: Horgan is standing up for what is right

(B.C. Govt photo)

THE FIRST TIME I read about the boycott of B.C. wines, the thought that came to mind was that no one will think it a good idea.

A restaurant owner in Fort McMurray had decided to ban wines produced in British Columbia as a way to support the oil workers. It seemed like an emotional response, an automatic response of the kind kids would have after a dispute.

I read and shook my head; it did not make any sense. It seemed childish, targeting the wrong crowd (not that there should ever be a suitable crowd to ‘target’ – a highly subversive move by anyone, we can all agree). It seemed absurd since the restaurant owner herself, a small business owner, would know the unfairness of making the little guys pay for political disagreements at provincial level.

Somehow though, the news of the boycott must’ve reached the Alberta premier, who, unlike many others, thought it was a brilliant idea.

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