McQUARRIE – A sense of optimism from those who know something’s wrong

(Image: From An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, 2017)

They say that we often grow up to become what we said we never would be. . . our parents. Maybe that is the problem with many Boomers these days, so it’s time, time for you to take us on and to make sure we stop killing our planet

LAST WEEK, I attended a public presentation at TRU of Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Sequel.

It was hosted by Shawna-Rae McLean, President of TRU’s Political Science Club and perhaps for the first time when discussing climate change, I was left with a sense of optimism.

That sense of optimism was not so much the result of the actual presentation, although there were several encouraging moments, but because of the people attending.

This was not the typical audience I’m use to seeing at such an event.


Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.


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