McQUARRIE – Feel free to disagree, but keep the name-calling to yourself

Even ferries can result in name-calling. (Image: BC Ferries)

ONE OF THE expected consequences of writing a political opinion piece is the inevitable name calling. Matter of fact, if I don’t get a comment or two or an email calling me an idiot or a moron, I begin to worry about having written a weak column.

It comes with the territory and is both expected and welcomed… well, at least most of the time. What I mean by welcomed is it serves to demonstrate and reaffirm the importance of opinions and dialogue.

In some cases, social media’s anonymity factor brings out the worst in people. However, for the most part, readers here seem more intent on joining in or adding to the discussion. For a minority, discussion or adding to the conversation is the furthest thing from their minds and a few choice words in the comments section seem to be enough to satisfy the freedom of expression urge.


Bill McQuarrie is a Kamloops entrepreneur. He can be contacted at He tweets @bafflegabbed.

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2 Comments on McQUARRIE – Feel free to disagree, but keep the name-calling to yourself

  1. What age demographic are you looking at, to serve each area of the city, if they were elected?

  2. Unity in Diversity: Prelude to a Hybrid Ward System?

    Let us first start with the common theme of…disagreement. This article really resonates with me. Like you, I don’t mind being called names (I was just called “ageist” last week on Facebook. I was misinterpreted, but I am looking into it all to see if the commentary might have any ring of truth. I now can see how my original post might have been construed that way, even though I never even think of age…a problem at times!). And I liked that the people did not hide their names when calling me out when they thought they had a point. All good.

    But yes, the anonymity of posts here bothers me. A lot. It is not right to hide behind an alias, or even to purposely post to provoke with some random callsign. Yet all of this is still not why your post has struck a chord with me.

    Rather, I am thinking about the idea of how to represent a diverse group — people, regions, areas with their own legitimate concerns — and wariness — where others are concerned. The “snow versus island life” was a brilliant post by your reader, and is very telling. It is (relatively) easy to represent a group of like-minded people. It is daunting to represent those with diverse — and often competing — interests. Think of representation in a neighbourhood, a city, a region then… a province, a country, a content… I personally believe that finding commonalities by which to unite makes us stronger than extolling differences to defend. Yet I believe Kamloops as a City is ready for a modified or hybrid Ward system through which certain areas could have specific representatives elected/chosen from designated regions. Does this contradict my “we are all in this together” idea? No.

    No, because once ideas and positions are outlined by an area, presented to the area representative, that representative could meet with all area representatives to advocate and discuss, and from that, a consensus as encouraged by a strong leader would emerge. Such a process would allow individuals and regions to have their say, but all with an intent to find a solution.

    So please if you have any comments on what I am saying, by all means, call me any name you want, but please call yourself by your real name, and call me anytime. No maybes,

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