IN THE HOUSE – ‘Will seniors’ landlord be People’s Republic of China?’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Image: CPAC)

Debate in Parliament Wednesday, June 21, 2017, about Beijing-based Anbang Insurance and unconfirmed reports of the arrest of its chairman Wu Xiaohui:

Mark Strahl, Chilliwack—Hope, BC

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister was only too happy to rubber-stamp the sell-off of B.C.’s largest chain of retirement homes to Anbang Insurance to appease his friends in Beijing. With Anbang now under criminal investigation and its politically well-connected chairman Mr. Wu having disappeared, the Prime Minister continues to endorse this Chinese takeover.

I ask the Prime Minister, when the Anbang house of cards finally collapses, who will gain control of these seniors care facilities in B.C.? Are seniors about to find out that their landlord is actually the People’s Republic of China?

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, our government is open to investment that offers middle-class jobs and opportunities for Canadians.

Cedar Tree has confirmed its strong commitment to the ongoing quality of operations in Canada and to its health care workers. It will remain subject to provincial oversight on seniors care facilities, ensuring the rules for the care of seniors continue to be followed, and will keep the current number of full-time and part-time jobs. B.C.’s regulatory regime is robust and imposes rigorous standards of care on operators of residential care and assisted living facilities.

We will continue to stand up for Canada’s seniors.

Cathy McLeod, Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo, BC

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister assured the House that his government had done its due diligence regarding the billion-dollar takeover of B.C. care homes by murky Chinese ownership. Now the company chairperson is in prison and investigators are looking into allegations of corruption and economic crimes.

If the company dissolves, who will gain control of our seniors care facilities? Are seniors in my riding going to find out that their landlord is the People’s Republic of China?

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

Mr. Speaker, we continue to be open to investments from around the world because we know that creating good middle-class jobs and creating services and opportunities to protect Canadians is extremely important.

We recognize that B.C. and all provinces have a strong regulatory regime that oversees and ensures that the care our seniors receive is of top quality. That is why we continue to work with British Columbia and with all of our partners to make sure that Canadian seniors do receive the quality care and support they need across this country.




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1 Comment on IN THE HOUSE – ‘Will seniors’ landlord be People’s Republic of China?’

  1. sadly to have China “takeover” the care of our Seniors (who have BUILT this country) is a very sad state of affairs!!!! There was a power outage in their facility on so what are the Tenants served for dinner/supper???????…………………..Kale Salad and a boiled egg!!!!!! Deplorable I say!!!!!! This is only the beginning.

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