YOU SAY – Easy to say ‘suck it up’ when you don’t get door-to-door delivery

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A sampling of reaction to Armchair Mayor column, ‘Suck it up and say goodbye to door-to-door mail delivery’:

Doug Barton: Milk and newspapers are still delivered, and door to door mail delivery should be expanded to every community with over 1,000 points of call. Let’s create REAL jobs in this country, not minimum wage temp jobs like our governments seem to think we need. For a corporation that has predicted doom and gloom all these years, the profits keep rolling in.

Brooke Roberts: Easy for the person who wrote the article to write “suck it up” when he doesn’t even have door to door. Sounds to me like someone is a little butt hurt about not getting their own door to door delivery. I’ve lived rural my entire life and have only recently moved into town. Door to door is awesome !! My biggest issue with this is the good people losing their jobs! Plus my dogs would miss the mail man! Lol .

Pat Larose: There is nothing that liberals and the NDP like better than overbloated , outdated, Redundant,Bureaucracy. canada post is is all of that. for years the good fiscal conservatives have tried to streamline this monster, but to no avail. Whole B.C. towns have dropped their letter carriers. And you know what? no one is complaining. you wont miss it. the mailbox program is working. you can still go and pick up your junk mail and flyers any time you want. the huge amount of dissent below are likely government workers.not to worry, their cheque is in the mail… the time to change canada post is 20 years past due. it should morph into a good courier service. they claim to be good at that. The era of the mailman is over…

Catherine Thompson: Finding post offices in this city are ridiculous and community mail boxes are placed often where everyone tries to access their mail but there isn’t enough space to park your car. Jobs are scarce and what may seem like a trival job is still employment for many. Where are they going to be absorbed into the job market. In a world gone crazy with change it’s still nice knowing something hasn’t been pushed aside that ain’t broke.

Victoria Dobbie: If we are keeping door to door please sign me up. It also would have been nice to touch on how many people currently don’t have door to door mail. Anyone living rurual, anyone who lives in aparments, most people in the new townhouses being built, there are millions of people who already don’t have door to door mail. What do the elderly and handicapped people do? They figure out a way to get to it or they get help. How about if you have a neighbour with troubles checking the mail instead of demanding we keep a service for them you offer to help check their mail for them.

Jackie Barrett: Other than the obvious lay off that will result, I don’t see the issue. I haven’t had door service in over 10 years and I have adapted just fine! I have never had an issue with theft or the like. My mail is actually more secure because it is kept under lock and key! All the new subdivisions have them, so it’s time to get the rest of the city in line! It is safer for the delivery persons too in my opinion.

Debbie Smith: In smaller towns up north, every one goes to the post office! It was a great way to socialize with everyone in town and there’s a community board, so we always knew what was going on. It didn’t matter if you were 19 or 91, if you lived a block away or miles away, you still had to go to the post office… just like the good old days!

Karen Gilmore: Living in Logan Lake, we have our Post Office, full of boxes to hold mail belonging to the townspeople. Why not have that available for urban dwellers? Then the boxes are being watched and locked up safely at night.

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1 Comment on YOU SAY – Easy to say ‘suck it up’ when you don’t get door-to-door delivery

  1. All community mailboxes should be 5 minute parking zones. Other than that, 22 years without door to door mail delivery and we’ve survived quite nicely.

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