THE MILOBAR MEMO – His explanation of the mayoral by-election issue

Mayor Peter Milobar – ‘one path forward.’ (Image:

DATE: MAY 16, 2017

TO: Mayor and Council

FROM: Mayor Milobar

RE: Leave of absence

Due to the results of the provincial election, I have two options, both of which I have given a great deal of thought to. I can either take a long-term leave or resign, which would trigger a by-election. There is one path forward that seems to make the most sense to me. I shall attempt to make this as understandable as possible.

Even if I were to resign today, the earliest a by-election could be held would be early September, as an election bylaw needs to be in place for a minimum of six weeks before the nomination period opens for an election. It seems prudent to pass the recommended bylaw in today’s agenda to allow for maximum flexibility for either a by-election or a general election.

If I resign or take an extended leave of absence, the most logical way for staff and the public to know who to turn to would be if a Deputy Mayor were appointed until at least early September. In my opinion, the permanent Deputy Mayor should receive the same rate of pay that I currently do, as they would be expected to be doing the job full time.

At this point, my intent is to take an extended leave as of June 1, 2017. This would allow time to help the new permanent Deputy Mayor go over things and clear up some administrative details. If, over the next six weeks, things seem to be working well and the public is happy with how things are working with Council, I am happy to continue on with an extended leave of absence.

In discussions with Councillor Spina, she has indicated that if I were to resign and a by-election called, she would also resign, which would create another open seat for the by-election. As referenced above however, the six weeks for the bylaw adoption would have to happen either way, and with the timing of the KGHM application, my hope is that Council will be operating well on behalf of everyone in Kamloops and a by-election can be avoided.

In short:

  • I take a leave starting June 1, 2017.
  • Council appoint a permanent Deputy Mayor today who would serve that role until either a by-election or general election or until Council appoints someone else to the Deputy Mayor role.
  • The election bylaw be taken to three readings.
  • The permanent Deputy Mayor should be paid the same salary as the Mayor currently receives, effective June 1, 2017.
  • The dates of the current Deputy Mayor Schedule will remain, but will be renamed to reflect that it is the Deputy to the Deputy Mayor Schedule.


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5 Comments on THE MILOBAR MEMO – His explanation of the mayoral by-election issue

  1. Milobar’s resignation should have taken place long ago, and his memo should not be used to make council decisions.

  2. (Paragraph 5) “(W)ith the timing of the KGHM application….” -What the hell?” ! ?

  3. An achiever once wrote:
    It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
    I think of it as a very good quote, what
    do you think Mel?

  4. Michael Gavin // May 17, 2017 at 3:31 AM // Reply

    Thanks for the update. I’m just wondering while on leave does Milobar still collect a salary?

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