YOU SAY – The mayoralty: Old blood, new blood, or fix the potholes first?

Ken Christian; Dr. Cynthia Ross Friedman. The next mayor?

Some feedback on Armchair Mayor editorial ‘Could be a very interesting by-election’:

Rhonda Lamberton-Studer: I would rather someone who voted to keep jobs in Kamloops!!…That leaves out Singh, Christian, Wallace and Lange!!! Anyone but these people have my vote! Those names listed voted against supporting healthcare support jobs being kept in our community!!! Milobar excused himself from the vote due to conflict of interest. I lost my job because of your non support! I hope people vote for someone who is for the people and just their own self interests. Looking at our latest election, Kamloops has a long way to go still…..

LoriWayne Priestlay: add wayne priestlay…platform would include cleaning the downtown core is it is consumer friendly agin,,,support ajax..reduce spending and city taxs..overhaul city hiring practises ..not connected to any political party or union

Sandra Donchi: Only one choice . Ken Christian for Mayor. And get rid of a few Alderman at the same time ??

Cara: In reply to Cindy Ross Friedman. Oh yes, Cindy. I will certainly support you for this position. It is time to shake things up a bit at Kamloops City hall!

Bryce Campbell: Let’s get some new young blood within our city management. The decisions being made by many of the councilors (and even school trustees) have been about now, not later — and many of the decisions they support, they won’t be around to deal with later. We need to take a stand AJAX — I and many other Kamloops residents are against this project and their are better opportunities for new jobs in the region. Along with tourism, lets expand our manufacturing and clean-tech sectors, and use our natural transportation more. With many stores now relying on overnight freight from the Lower Mainland to stock their shelves, any delay causes massive problems — As was apparent this past winter. Not just for the city, but the province as a whole, I have great concerns about our supply chain when “The Big One” strikes the west coast. It will effect us greatly!

Jordan Carroll: No by-election please.

John N.: Cindy is a great person and a straight shooter; not in it for herself, prestige or personal gain. The savings in wages for the year will help offset the cost of the by-election. Is there a way she could get the job by acclamation? One word comes to mind (as spoken by a different person years ago): “Others”.

Doug Bonner: Let’s fix the friggin POTHOLES FIRST.


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2 Comments on YOU SAY – The mayoralty: Old blood, new blood, or fix the potholes first?

  1. Edwin Hilland // May 14, 2017 at 10:38 PM // Reply

    fix the freaking potholes. not patching. repave. not hot-in-place recyling. real repaving with polymers.

  2. Deveen Martin // May 14, 2017 at 10:29 AM // Reply

    Let’s see someone who will take. Real interest in the downtown make it more interesting bring in a few more stores so there is a selection –really only one grocery store – is it any wonder people go up the hill to shop. The downtown area is ideal to develope for seniors it iOS fllat for walking the library is showing faith by its development plans
    Many seniors have pets for companionship but many strata developments in downtown don’t allow pets say they are a problem. But in actuality people are the problem.Have wen in a strata over 10yr good pet policy no pet problem but people problems &same for a neighboring bldg. With the new movement Pets OKBC this might improve. We don’t need a Arts Centre at present but we do need people who are passionate about improving Kamloops to make it the best in the west &willing to work towards that

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