PETERS – Political parties should stop saying they care about young voters

(Image: Screenshot, Pepsi TV commercial)

DID YOU CATCH that Pepsi ad that went viral this week?

Has there ever been such a blatant attempt to reach young people made by those who clearly have no idea what they’re doing?

Like WTF, bae.

I can’t even.

Stay woke.

But Pepsi isn’t the only organization completely out of touch with young people these days.

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1 Comment on PETERS – Political parties should stop saying they care about young voters

  1. According To All This Below (found on the ‘other side’), we should just close up BC and all move to Mexico and find the guy who is selling the best ‘Col- LUM- bee-unnnn.’ ! “Hey, here comes some gringo-es….”

    “Abacus Data says young Canadians care about exactly what you’d think they would care about: the affordability of life.” -J. Peters

    Nancy Towle • 22 hours ago
    I think that a great topic for discussion should be the cost of hydro that these millennials will be paying. It is, in some cases, the cost of a mortgage payment. This on top of no jobs and high student debt.
    Maybe the parties should talk about these exorbitant costs to the upcoming voters. Reality is they won’t be able to find a decent paying job (or) afford high rents due to the lack of jobs and won’t be able to pay off their student debt without a job. They will continue to live off their parents. These same parents who will have to pay these exorbitant prices because the liberals cut deals for companies to make them look good on the backs of taxpayers. Oh yeah it is projected that these deals (that were cut) will take 70 years to pay back? So enjoy your LNG deal and the site C Dam. Enjoy not being able to afford to heat and power (for) your home as a result of these deals that, we, the taxpayers will try to afford to pay for (outright).

    itisso • 9 hours ago
    All you say is true, but, look on the bright side, they will be so stoned with legal pot, they won’t care!
    I just hope no one who smokes pot moves into the condo next to mine, I do like the smell of weed and I will not tolerate it! They better come up with some rules, fast!

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