FEATURED COMMENT – SSN did what federal government should have done: a panel hearing on Ajax

Old Ajax pit.

Re: Ajax – ‘We look forward to furthering our collaborative relationship with the SSN.’

I was there for every day of the panel. It was a real panel hearing, and included non-Western science and knowledge as well as hard-core Western science. The SSN did what the Federal Government should have done – an actual panel hearing.

KGHM was there and spoke on several issues – their reps presented their findings. But the science –in any way you define it — did not support the pit mine. Say it was biased or predetermined (no way – some folks were pro).

Some say it means nothing (nope, this was an impressive fair event). We could learn from the way these peoples spoke for generations past and future.

Sure I am biased against the mine, but I listened to every word stated over the week and I just don’t see how anyone could think the project makes sense.


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2 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – SSN did what federal government should have done: a panel hearing on Ajax

  1. Cynthia Ross Friedman // March 11, 2017 at 5:27 AM // Reply

    Hi Michael – you are doubtlessly correct in that my comment is biased. But truly, the SSN process was thoughtful and thorough (and not without disagreements!).

    I cannot presume to comment on their future generations myself — you are right there — but the SSN legacy goes so far back ancestrally that I cannot help but believe they have a solid knowledge of what their peoples want and will always want and need.

    Many people tease and misunderstand (not saying you) the value of empathy for the land. But it is real – as the environmentalists say, there is no “Planet B” and these peoples have understood that from Day One.

    I am so happy, by the way, with your respectful disagreement with me. I embrace discussion and dissent. We are not all the same (diversity!), and I am thinking about your comments for what they are: genuine concerns for Kamloops’ economy and families. But I think we can be smarter. We can do better than digging out some marginally profitable needles from a toxic haystack. Thank you for your comment!

    It is possible to build futures on defending our Earth! Solar, wind, landfill mining… Let’s do it, Kamloops and SSN! I am in.

  2. Michael Kahcur // March 10, 2017 at 5:37 AM // Reply

    Cynthia IMO by you saying your biased towards the mine, makes me believe that the article you wrote is bias. I believe in Kamloops, and the city’s economic survival. The SSN by speaking for future generations should be taken with a grain of salt. How do we know if the future generations do or do not want the mine.

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