AJAX – ‘We look forward to furthering our collaborative relationship with the SNN’

Post from KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. Facebook page:

KGHM Ajax appreciates the effort of the SSN Assessment Panel members, who devoted significant time and resources to their independent environmental assessment of the proposed Ajax Project, a process that was largely funded by KGHM Ajax.

Collaboration between the SSN and Ajax, over nearly a decade, has led to a better overall Project plan, which will benefit the entire community. The SSN Panel’s work has helped us develop a better mine plan.

We look forward to furthering our collaborative relationship with the SSN, and we will continue to work towards the successful negotiation of a project benefits agreement.

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8 Comments on AJAX – ‘We look forward to furthering our collaborative relationship with the SNN’

  1. Cynthia Ross Friedman // March 7, 2017 at 11:54 PM // Reply

    I was there for every day of the panel. It was a real panel hearing, and included non-Western science and knowledge as well as hard-core Western science. The SSN did what the Federal Government should have done – an actual panel hearing. KGHM was there and spoke on several issues – their reps presented their findings. But the science –in any way you define it — did not support the pit mine. Say it was biased or predetermined (no way – some folks were pro). Some say it means nothing (nope, this was an impressive fair event). We could learn from the way these peoples spoke for generations past and future. Sure I am biased against the mine, but I listened to every word stated over the week and I just don’t see how anyone could think the project makes sense.

  2. Michael Kahcur // March 7, 2017 at 3:54 PM // Reply

    Liz, SSN does not have the final say, their panel said no to the mine, that means squat. The SSN are holding out for more money, a better economic plan for their people, and environment protection. Does not matter where you build or what you build there will always be environmental damage. As well Liz, where are you getting all of your information from, as I would like to read it as well. This proposed mine will benefit Kamloops, otherwise we can forget about being the Tournament Capital and just refer to Kamloops as the Pensioner’s Capital.

    • Your lack of respect for SSN is only exceeded by your lack of knowledge.

    • Probably good that you aren’t in the business of trying to market Kamloops as the Tournament Capital if you think the mine would help that tourism project along. How would the mine do anything to enhance Kamloops as a tourist destination, for ANY purpose, sporting or otherwise? Tourism, healthy activities and outdoor pursuits rarely go hand in hand with heavy industry… at least, I’ve never seen a case where they do…

  3. Jerome Farrell // March 7, 2017 at 2:18 PM // Reply

    So what do KGMH not understand?
    No means No,not maybe later!

  4. Give us a break, what do you not understand about NO. Your parent over in Poland likely will make some interesting announcements on March 17, could they possibly pull the plug on Ajax. Your soft marketing efforts over the course of the past two years to sell Ajax apparently have found nothing.
    When do yo expect to release all of the additional information you have produced since you arranged to stop the review process roughly 11 months ago to the citizens of Kamloops, yes we too have a right to further review this additional material to independently determine your claim of “zero harm”.
    Bet nothing will happen until post the Provincial election in May, right.
    Your parent must be impressed, 8 years into this low grade, (no grade deposit) and 10’s of millions of black hole costs flushed off the Balance Sheet, they surely must be happy. Just think, should this Pig obtain approval from the EAO, they can keep their promise and give you a conditional approval that will make the economics virtually impossible even for smart people like you.
    If you don’t stop there, I am sure you will enjoy defending against the law suits that will follow, but look at the bright side, this will keep some of your people further employed for another 15 to 20 years while KGHM finds a new way to spend money funding their lawyers with a few million dollars year after year, Black Cassels is not cheep ! I can visualize your new business case in 2022 that calls for the price of copper at US $10 a pound and gold at $3,000 per oz, good luck, not.

  5. Good for them!!

  6. So much for a graceful exit.

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