FEATURED COMMENT – Confused and disillusioned over Ajax

Ajax -oldsite-smallRe: editorial, “Accept no bafflegab from candidates,” Feb. 17, 2017.

I like the article and the comments!

Alas, not going to happen. I have been told by many that “anyone who takes a position on Ajax has not waited for the facts and will never win the prov election.” Kamloopsians will hear nothing but “the EA process is flawed” and “we need to hold feet to the fire” and “we want the best assessment.”

I am so confused and disillusioned. I am not inherently political, but I just know enough as a scientist to see the danger of something like Ajax so close to our city. We can do better. Jobs for all with sustainability initiatives. Not too late to work towards a paradigm shift! I AM a supporter of jobs and unions and families, and I GET IT.

Heck, I wish the NDP at this point would just say they support Ajax if it passes a legit review. At least I would know. And I would think about other concerns (doctor shortage!) in my voting decision machinations. We are not a one-issue town.

Ah well. Strategy seems to win over up-front honesty. It is a sad state of affairs. I probably will never post something with a political bent again, because obviously I am wrong, clueless, not strategically and overly optimistic and honest.

And I write this from the settler view. The Indigenous communities I sure hope will be heard. So grateful for their dedication and considerations.



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