COLLINS – Many questions need answers over highway issues

Coquihalla during storm. (Twitter)
Coquihalla during storm. (Twitter)

MANY QUESTIONS need answering following the series of snowstorms and the resultant problems on area highways over the past week or so. In particular, we need to address the problems on the Coquihalla Highway.

collins-colhedThe highway was open, then it was closed, then it was open. There were long lines of traffic waiting to get through. There were long lines of trucks and cars in the ditch, lined up unable to move, freezing rain, heavy snow, and the list goes on.

It was a dangerous situation and we need to determine a better way to deal with that particular highway in these difficult times.




  1. The main issue is that road maintenance contractors are always looking for ways to not spend money. It seems that they have no problem putting the general public at risk while they do this. Your issue with M&S tires is unfounded. I buy M&S tires exclusively, and they have been far better than most so called snow tires in all situations, and I don’t have to buy extra rims, and change them back and forth.

  2. There was a severe storm warning in effect. I was scheduled to go to Vancouver as it (travel warning) was issued and prudently canceled the trip.
    The moral of the story is…unless one must absolutely be on the road then be prepared to wait a day or two.
    Then of course there are the idiotic types…either unprepared or too cocky (driving too fast for the conditions).
    In either case, hefty fines need to become the norm.

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